Chapter Five

Another night passed.
Like yesterday, Little Jin had to get up early even he went to bed so late last night in order to reach his king's room before he got up. He was alone. He saw the emperor was in sleeping and Xiao Qing was next to him.
Little stayed at the door of bed room, silently, waiting.
Then Kangxi opened his eyes.
He got up from bed and he found Little Jin. It was not weird, it was daily life.
And as normal, the emperor needed to prepare for morning court and Little Jin was organizer for the emperor after he closed curtain of bed.
Kangxi attended the court until noon. There were a lot of troubles need him to solve.
He ran his day like usual, but today there was a small unusual, it was related to Xiao Qing, she slept whole day. She did not even wake up. She did not have lunch or dinner. She stayed in bed whole day - also whole night.
Kangxi was worried when he arrived at chamber and found Xiao Qing was still sleeping. He was concern but he did not wake her up. He just put his hand on her forehead to check her temperature. He was released when she was warm.
'Why she sleeps so long?'
'I have no idea, Sire.'
Kangxi took deep breath. Anyway, he was still worried. But because he had mountain of works waiting, so he could not sit so long. He had to come out to sit at his table and checked all reports. He sat at his desk until stars appeared then he continued - only Little Jin with him in chamber - until horizon showed light blue. After, Kangxi slid his body into bed room. He was exhausted. Really exhausted. Before he entered, he told his maid that he would not attend the morning court.
Little Jin took time to have his eyes shut then he got up to send informants to all officials that there was no court this morning.
Kangxi woke up late.
He turned his face to see Xiao Qing that was staying by his side. She slept by setting her back to him. Her blanket fell down. The emperor got up on his left side of body. He pulled his blanket to cover her, then Xiao Qing turned over. Her face showed to him, right before his face. Kangxi watched her pretty face. She was charming while she slept. She made his heart jump. He lost his mind for minute that he lowered his face towards hers. He wanted to taste her pink lips. As his lips almost touched hers, he paused and dragged his face away. He back to himself and hurriedly got off the bed.
Even though there was no morning court, but the emperor did not have free times. He needed to check reports again.
He worked until Little Jin informed him that it was lunch time.
'Yes, Sire.'
'Eat again.' Kangxi put down report. 'Xiao Qing gets up yet?'
'Not yet.'
Kangxi gave a surprise face.
'She sleeps for two days.'
Little Jin stayed silent because he had no idea about this matter.
'Well, what are food today?' The emperor changed topic.
'Seafood, Sire.'
'Keep for Xiao Qing.'
'Lady does not eat seafood.'
Kangxi narrowed his eyes brow little bit.
'I have noticed she does not eat seafood and including fish in river. She does not eat animal in water.'
Kangxi nodded his head, 'Because she's from water.'
'Yes, Sire.'
'So what does she like?'
'Pullet, duck, pork, beef.. but not food made of animal in water.'
'What's about vegetable?'
'Yes, she eats.'
'So, tell cook not to cook food animal in water...' Kangxi thought for a moment then claimed, 'No.. no.. let them do, but not always.'
'Yes, Sire.'
And again, Kangxi had lunch alone. And Xiao Qing enjoyed her sleeping.
It was until night... 
Kangxi worked on report until the sky was dark.
Then butterfly flied in his belly. Only him could feel. No one heard. It told him that he should not keep waiting. He should fall food into or it would fly around inside his stomach.
Well, because he wanted to wait to have dinner with Xiao Qing, that's why he calmed down his stomach. He thought he could take it longer. He got up from seat. He went into bed room though he still wished to have dinner with her today. 
When he reached, he found Xiao Qing was sitting on bed and swung her feet. Kangxi was so glad to see her wake up.
'Hungry?' He said smilingly to Xiao Qing.
The girl did not say anything, just nodded her head reply back to the emperor. Her face was not happy at all.
Immediately, Kangxi called Little Jin to prepare dinner. Then he and the girl put their bodies at the table.
It was strange that tonight Xiao Qing ate quietly and not happy. She was not sad, but not very happy. Also, she was quiet.
Kangxi felt worried about his lady. He expressed question, 'Food not delicious?'
Xiao Qing shook head.
'You're not well?'
Xiao Qing shook head.
'You miss your parents?'
Xiao Qing shook head.
'You haven't enough sleep?'
Xiao Qing still shook head.
Seeing her like this, Kangxi was so worried. He put his chop sticks down and looked at her.
Xiao Qing lowered her eyes to the table. Her appetite was quite good, but her mood was low.
'What's matter?'
Xiao Qing did not reply the king.
'If you want to sleep more, you can sleep.'
Xiao Qing tied her eyes brow then expressed, 'I have slept for two days. Over enough.'
Kangxi was released when he heard Xiao Qing speaking. At least, showing that she was fine.
'Why you took so much sleep? You know that I was so worried that you might be fever.'
'What the use to get up?' Xiao Qing said and looked up her face to Kangxi. 'Get up is boring. Only stay in this room. So, I sleep.'
Kangxi smiled little bit when he knew reason of her long sleeping.
'How amazing. You can sleep two days.'
'I can sleep more than that if I want.' Xiao Qing said.
'Oh,' surprised Kangxi. 'Really?'
'I don't know.' He said and picked up his chop stick and caught pork and put in Xiao Qing's rice bowl.
'Hurry up finish dinner. Then I have gift for you.' He continued.
Xiao Qing expressed HMM when she heard the emperor. She looked at him. The king looked at her, smiling on his lips. Then Xiao Qing nodded head and ate pork that he had given to her.
As they finished, they sat at same table.
Then Little Jin lose and appeared with hands carrying something. He stood and showed to Xiao Qing.
'What's this?' Xiao Qing looked at thing on Little Jins' hands.
'It's dress. Majesty called making it for you.' Little Jin described.
'Dress?' Xiao Qing tunred to the king.
'Hm.' Kangxi nodded. 'You wear it and you will be able to walk out anytime.'
'Really?' Xiao Qing gave a surprised expression.
Kangxi nodded head once.
This made Xiao Qing so glad. She did not hesitate to accept the dress. Little Jin instructed her how to wear and let her serve herself in bed. He came out to stand at table, next to the emperor.
Xiao Qing walked out to stand before Kangxi.
The king looked at her. Really a beautiful girl. Also fresh. She smiled to him that making his world so bright.
After, Little Jin made Xiao Qing sit and he braided her hair like his and all eunuchs.
'How is that?' She got up and stood before the king again.
Kangxi did not say anything. He just nodded his head to reply that she was beautiful. Then he lowered his eyes to her feet. Her tiny and soft feet. He was afraid that her feet would get hurt. So he got up to hold her hands. 
It was second thing that making Xiao Qing feeling strange. She felt something when he touched her hands.
What's that feeling?
She could not find answer. Only knew she felt strange from that touch and it made her body frozen.
Kangxi smiled. He pulled her body slowly and gently. Xiao Qing followed his hands lead to sit on her last seat. She then looked at Little Jin. He was carrying a tray. On that tray, there were shoes. Xiao Qing did not know it was called shoes. Because dragon did not wear shoes.
Kangxi walked to take a shoe then he knelt to the floor. 
It was a rare action the emperor performed. He was considered a highest man in the world that he would never kneel down to anyone - only his queen grand mother - and now he knelt before a girl, it was an extreme surprise especially to Little Jin when he witnessed such scene. Little Jin was shock and hurriedly knelt down. He had to set his body lower than the king.
Action of both men made Xiao Qing wonder especially Little Jin's. She saw he was nervous and had pale face.
For Kangxi, he did not care. He laid his hand to take one shoe. His one hand carried up her foot and put it into shoe. Then he repeated another foot.
After that, he got up - Little Jin got up to stand when he saw his king stood up - and said, 'You walk to check your shoes.'
Xiao Qing followed his words. She stood up and stepped walking on floor. Back and forth.
'It's great. What is it?' She said.
'It's called shoes.' Kangxi stated. 
'Yes. It is for protecting your feet while you walk.'
'Great.' Xiao Qing smiled. 'On human world there are many good things.'
'You like?'
'Yes.' Xiao Qing nodded.
'If so, stay here forever.'
'Let see.'
Her words made Kangxi showed small laughing. Her words always made her content.
'So, can I go out?' Xiao Qing looked at Kangxi's face with begging eyes.
'Yes, sure.' Kangxi replied.
Xiao Qing gave a big smiling and she ran quickly to the door. Little Jin was surprise 'My lady, be careful.' He wanted to stop her, but Kangxi said, 'Let her.' So he returned to normal gesture.
Kangxi got off the chamber following Xiao Qing and Little Jin also joined them.
It was like last time. The girl enjoyed the park, the sky and the wind. She had fun until she fell asleep on table. And Kangxi had no word but happy to carry her in hands to the bed. He decided to allow her to sleep in dress and he placed his body beside her.
 The night was cool. The wind blew - lightly - sounding like a music reciting a thing call love is coming.

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