Chapter Four

When Little Jin arrived at the door of emperor chamber, he hit his head.
'What's matter, teacher?' Little Qing asked.
'I forgot about shoe size.'
'I reminded it, but I thought you would use my feet size.'
Little Jin knocked his student forehead.
'Why you hit me, teacher?' Little Qing caressed where Little Jin hit him.
'You're really stupid. Stay here.'
Little Qing nodded his head. He did not understand what he had done wrong.
Little Jin walked into king chamber.
Kangxi was facing down to document on table.
The eunuch crawled to the king with speaking, 'Majesty, please forgive me. I am really old.'
'What's matter?' Kangxi said without rose his face.
'Tailor and shoes maker are different...'
He did not finish his sentence yet, but Kangxi understood what he wanted to say.
'You want her feet size to make shoes.'
'Yes, Sire. I am old and I forget. Please forgive me.'
'You have a lot of works. It's fine.'
Kangxi said. Then he rose his body from seat and went into his bed room.
Little Jin followed.
Xiao Qing not yet woke up.
Kangxi sat on bed. He raised blanket up little bit showing pretty tiny feet of woman.
Little Jin was holding paper and pen script for emperor. He was about to offer material to the king, but Xiao Qing opened her eyes and two men paused.
'What are you doing?' She sat up and asked.
'My lady, majesty would like to make you dress and shoes and shoes maker wants your feet size to make shoes for you.' Little Jin replied instead of his king.
'Shoes!' Xiao Qing opened her eyes big. She was excited. She looked happy. She said contently, 'Do it.'
She jumped off the bed to stand on floor.
Little Jin hurriedly placed paper on the floor and Xiao Qing set her both of her feet on the paper. Then Little Jin knelt and drew her feet.
'Already.' He said.
Xiao Qing jumped out of the paper.
'Would you like more?' She asked Little Jin.
'No, no, that's enough my lady.'
After, he bowed to the king and left the chamber quickly.
Kangxi looked at Xiao Qing with adorable eyes. He came to stand next to her and said, 'Hungry yet?'
Xiaon Qing turned her face and nodded, 'Yes, I'm hungry.'
'Well, I will tell Little Jin to prepare when he comes back.'
Xiao Qing nodded rapidly, and she smiled.
The king's eunuch went to shoes maker department then hurry up back. He knew that lunch time was almost late, so he needed to came back quickly to prepare meal for the king.
No need the king told him.. he knew what to do.
He prepared lunch in bed room for the emperor and lady. No one was allowed to serve. Only him.
Also, when meal was finished, he brought plates and bowls outside by himself and gave to Little Qing and other palace maids.
After the meal, Kangxi returned to his library, and Xiao Qing was kept in bed room. Sleeping.
Until night, then she could come out to have dinner with the king at table outside.
While she ate, Little Jin noticed especially what kind of food she liked and what kind of food she did not like. He remembered her things.
After dinner, they did not go out because Kangxi had a lot of documents to read. And Xiao Qing was strolling around.
She touched this. She touched that. She was interested in all things in the room.
Little Jin followed her. He was worried that she might meet danger - even insect bit or small accident - that made Kangxi laughed as he saw his action. Little Jin took well care of her, like he took care of the emperor. In his mind, he knew that Xiao Qing was emperor's heart, so he needed to look after her or his king would be in pain.
A while later, Xiao Qing began to be bored. 
Boring showed on her face.
She wanted to go out, but it seemed she could not be able to have fun with the sky tonight.
She walked back and forth before emperor's table.
She kicked her toes in the air when she walked.
She waved her hands back and forth.
Little Jin stood aside. He did not know how to comfort her. He could only stand and watch.
The girl wandered many times that Kangxi needed to rise his head from document.
He glared Xiao Qing with tiny smiling on his mouth. Then he expressed, 'Let have a talk.'
He put down his pen script and stood up from his chair.
Xiao Qing was glad. She ran to sit on chair where they had had dinner.
Kangxi set himself opposite of her.
When he sat properly, Xiao Qing did not fear to ask the king of human, 'Do you have sibling?'
Kangxi looked at her before he answer, 'Yes.'
'How many?'
'A lot. I don't remember.'
'Why you don't remember?'
'How about father and mother?'
'Yes, I have.'
'Where are they?'
This question paused Kangxi for a short moment and Little Jin opened eyes when he heard her question towards emperor.
Even though, Kangxi did not mind to reply her, 'They've gone to heaven.'
'Yes.' Kangxi nodded.
'Have you ever been visit them?'
Little Jin dropped his jaw.
Kangxi smiled his mouth, 'No.'
'Because heaven is so far. It spends years to reach it and I have a lot of works to do that I cannot leave even a single day.'
'I see. Because you are emperor. You have to take care of your people. You have to care about their families and their houses.'
'Right.' Kangxi smiled. 'Your father told you when you were in egg?'
'So, why you know?'
'I know by myself.'
Kangxi cocked his head.
'Dragon is like this. They know some, they don't know some.'
It was very cute answer that made Kangxi so happy.
He had big smile on his face.
What a happiness of making conversation with little dragon.
Happy. Content.
'What more you know?' He asked.
'I don't know unless you raise that thing then I tell I know or not.'
'Well, well,' Kangxi nodded his head twice, 'do you know writing?'
'No, but I can read.'
'Interesting. You can read but cannot write. What's else?'
'I can eat, but I don't know cooking.'
'This point I know.' Kangxi smiled. 'And you are very great eater.'
'Because I am a kid and I want so much food to grow up.'
'I see.'
The talking continued till late night.
In a sudden, Xiao Qing fell asleep on table.
Kangxi needed to carry little girl into bed room.
He placed her on bed and pulled blanket to cover her.
He raked hair from her face. Then he looked at her sleeping face.
She was so beautiful, and lovely.
His eyes watched her eyes brow, then her cheeks, after her lips.
Seeing her lips, longer, made him want to put his mouth on hers. His mind pushed him to do that, but he refused. He quickly dragged his face from her. If he stayed longer, he might not able to stop himself. He walked out of bed room back to his study table. When he sat on chair and started to hold pen script, Little Jin appeared with tea cup in his hands. He put tea cup on table and withdrew himself to stand a side. He accompanied his emperor in dark night until he finished his document. He returned to his room when the king went on his bed.

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