Chapter Three

Kangxi reached his chamber.
He carried Xiao Qing into his room. Then he placed her, gently, on his bed.
Xiao Qing was in well sleep. She seem clang to his body that he could not be able to remove his body from her.
Kangxi smiled.
Little Jin was standing waiting for command.
Kagnxi said to him, 'Go to sleep.'
Little Jin said, 'Yes, Sire.' and left.
After, Kangxi set himself on bed, next to Xiao Qing, close to her. He applied his hand to be her head pillow. He pulled blanket to cover both of their bodies. Xiao Qing wriggled to be close to the emperor. Her head moved from hand to on his chest. Even she was sleeping, but her ear was willing to listen to his heart beat.
This action made the king of human smiled. He closed his eyes. He slept with his mouth still smiled.


The sun allowed himself to be seen by people, animal and plants on the world.
Little Jin was creeping into emperor's bed room.
He entered alone in order to keep secret of Xiao Qing.
When he reached inside, Kangxi was about to get off of the bed.
Little Jin waited.
When Kangxi got off the bed successfully, he hurriedly closed bed curtains.
After, it was safe to call for emperor wake up such as face washing and dressing up.
Little stayed alert that no one could be near at the emperor bed, also, the curtain needed to keep close.
The emperor was about to leave for morning court.
Before he left, he called Little Jin, 'Make a dress for her.'
Little Jin understood that the king would like a dress for Xiao Qing, but he wished to make sure because he knew that she had to be hidden, so he said, 'What kind of dress would you like for lady?'
This question silent Kangxi for a short while. Then he exclaimed, 'Your dress.'
Little bowed his head.
Kangxi left the room for court without taking breakfast.
He discussed with his officers till afternoon.
Then he returned to his chamber.
Xiao Qing was still in sleeping.
If compare to human, she was a still a baby, baby sleep much, so Kangxi did not bother her, he permitted her to have enough sleep.
He came to his library and looked at documents the officers submitted to him.
At that time, Little Jin slid himself to the king.
'Your majesty, tailor asked about size and I don't have her size.'
Kangxi raised his face up and expressed OH.
'General, eunuch dress is size of man and lady is...' Little Jin gave explanation.
'Well,' Kangxi thought. 'I remember you have a follower, right?'
'Call him in.'
'Yes Sire.'
Little Jin quickly went out to call his follower that stood outside the room to come in.
Little guy was nervous when he heard the emperor looked for him. He felt scared that he did something wrong and was called to get punishment. But Little Jin told him, 'Be normal and respectful.' and he followed his teacher.
When he arrived before the king, he knelt on floor and respected the king.
Kangxi sat in chair saying to him, 'What is your name?'
'My name is Little Qing.' He said nervously.
Kangxi nodded head. 
Then he got off his chair and walked to Little Qing.
'Stand up.' He ordered.
Little Qing stood his legs up. He was trembling.
Kangxi walked close to him.
Little Qing became more nervous. He tried hard to calm down.
Kangxi looked at his head then to his toes.
He nodded head.
After that, he called Little Qing to raise his arms.
Little Qing, his heart was almost jump out of his chest. He raised his arms up slowly. He held his breath.
Also, Little Jin was nervous inside for he did not know what the emperor would do.
Kangxi came closer to Little Qing. Then he placed his hands on shoulders of Little Qing. After that, he set his hands on parts under underarms of Little Qing and trailed his hands down until he reached his waists.
Action of the king made Little Qing frozen and he opened big eyes. He had a surprise mark on his face expression.
Little Jin that was witnessing his emperor action to his student was also surprise. He felt he could not believe and put question mark on his head. What's happen?
After that, Kangxi smiled and nodded his head few times. He expressed, 'Good.' and he turned to Little Jin, 'Use his size.'
Little Jin bowed. He understood now. Little Qing had equal height and same size as Xiao Qing. The king saw, that's why he called Little Qing.
Little Jin was released. He left the chamber and called Little Qing out with him.
Little Qing was almost scared to death. He told his teacher, 'My heart almost jumped out of my chest.'
'If you do no anything wrong, why you're afraid.' Little Jin said.
'I don't do anything wrong, but I am scared of his majesty, especially, when he touched me. Teacher, why he touched me? And he said use my size. What does it mean?'
'It's not your business. Come with me. And don't say or ask anything.
'Yes teacher.'
Little Qing shut up.
Little Jin brought his student to see imperial tailor and asked him to measure Little Qing size and told him to use his size for new cloth.
After that, he returned to the king chamber.

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