Monday, September 26, 2022

Why I stop accept job offer

Since I came to stay at home, I have received several job suggestions, but I declined all.


Because I have different thoughts from others.

1. I am scared of money

It brings me only troubles : pressure, stress, fake friends and others.

2. I always get sick when I work

It is true. It happens all the time. When I work, I get sick. All my money goes to the doctor, and I have to spend my time, almost everyday, with headache, flu, stomach problems and so on.

3. I don't want fame or praise

If you want yourself to be praised by others, then you should work. As for me, I don't want it and I don't need it.

It does not matter to me if no one knows me.


These three reasons only make me decide to stop working, and I will never and ever accept the job even if the salary or the position is high.

Monday, September 19, 2022

The qualifications to be an administration officer

We always talk about the skills we need in order to apply for the administration job. But what about the qualification? What we should have in order to work well in this office.

I can tell you but I want to clarify in advance that the content is based on my own experience and knowledge only. You can get it to be your information, but I don't recommend you use my data to be your reference - for your study or research paper.

Let's start.

If you want to work well in the administration office, you should:

1. be strong tolerant

Because this is a job that receives the blame more than the praise. People will come to you when they need the document. If the document is good, you don't get any praise; but if the document is wrong, you get the blame.

How can you work in this career when you are hot tempered?

So, check your temper if you want to work in this office.

2. not have big ambition

I want to talk about the ambition to get a lot of money or the highest position in the organization. If you work in the administration office, the top position you can get is the director or manager of the administration office. It is rare you can be promoted to be CEO. So if you want to climb the very high chair in your organization, you should go into this department. 

Furthermore, mostly this is a low paid salary; though the salary is increased yearly, it is still lower than working in other offices.

3. have good mind health


a. like mentioned above you get the blame more than the praise and you get small paid even you work hard or work best

b. you meet papers (nowadays most of document are digital, but it is still the same as paper) much more than meet with people

If your mind is not healthy, you will easily get depression. I am serious. It can really harm your health.

4. be neat

I don't need to tell you that you have to organize and classify documents if you work in an administration office. It is what you have to do. Hence if you don't like organizing things or if you are not a well ordered type of person, I recommend you to not work in this field - because it will bring you stress and trouble.


That's all I want to tell you.

Don't forget to make note - that it is my own experience and knowledge. Read it as your information and general knowledge only, Okay?

Thanks for reading.

See you next article.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Studying in school and living in society are different

When I was in school, all teachers did not tell me about the dark side of the society, and that made me get cheated and bullied all the times.

Then I began to learn by myself what is the real color of the human society.

Day by day, I never see the society is changed to be better, on the contrary, it is worse and worse.

Like recently, I have learnt many things when I participated in a book fair:

1. If you are not famous writer/publisher or if you are poor writer/publisher, your table (for displaying book) will not have a cover.

2. If you don't have connection with the event organizer, your table will be put at the corner where the customers cannot notice.

3. If you don't have connection with the event organizer or if you don't donate money to help the event, you will not be able to ask for more tables

But if you are a famous and rich writer/publisher, if you have connection with the event organizer, if you donate money to help the event, you will be able:

- to get full decoration over your table

- to choose a place in the event where you prefer

- to get more than one table to put your books

- to receive information and help service

- to get extra facilitation

After meeting this kind of matter, what is my opinion? And what will I do?

I think it is not good but it is a real society that we are living in. However, I will not apply such  method into my brain or my way of working. If they discriminate or bully me because I am poor or I am not famous, I will not go near them and I will not participate in every event they organize.

This is my solution.

Though the people in the world become like that and I am the only different, I will treasure my idea  because I don't like what they do so I will not make myself do the same as the people I don't like.

I will always be myself although I am poor and never have a chance to become a rich or famous.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I don't want money from blogging anymore

After learning from self-experience, I decide to delete the wish to earn money from blogging from my brain.

I don't think it worth my effort.

It wastes my time, my heart, my energy, and my money.

However, I keep the blog and the site .com. I use it for my pleasure; I write what I want to write, maybe daily life, opinion, research, feeling, or experience.

I feel happy and relief after I make this decision. My mental is getting better day by day - because I don't push it to work to get topic to write on blog in order to keep traffic and earn view from the readers.

My mind is at ease. I don't care if there is viewer or not. I am happy with what I am doing.

Well done - it is word I say to myself.

Friday, July 1, 2022

How I make ghost story book TVC


This TVC is to promote the book that I wrote.

How do I make this video?

Let me tell you, it is easy and it needs a few materials.


- the story book

- a box

- Kemra music box 

- a phone 

- a camera stand

- a short table


- use white papers to glue covering the box

- put the box on the short table in a room

- put the phone on camera stand before the box, the same height

How to shoot

- put book in the middle of the box

- switch on camera - video mode - and take video

- close the door and the window and switch off the light in the room

- switch on the flsh light of the song box and point to the story book

- make various of motions

- record all of the motions

- when you think it is enough, you switch off the camera

Edit video

- use Window Movie Maker to cut part of the video that I think it is good

That's all for I have done to make TVC of ghost story book.

Want to know more?

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