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My name is PHOU CHAKRIYA. PHOU (POO) is my surname and CHAKRIYA (Jarya) is my first name.
I am Cambodian, live in Phnom Penh.


At first, this site was written creative story, then it was changed to motivated and seo site. Latest, I add a service - creative TVC storyline writing service.



Start from April, 01 2022.

What I give you is storyline of TV commercial in English which is my own creation.

Before you want to contact me, please see details of what I need to know from you which you can find on my Home page.


To be noticed

Please be informed that my service is to create TVC storyline only. Either production or other advertising features is not my responsibility.

Moreover, I take career online only. 

I don't mind if you edit my script after you pay. Also, I don't mind if you don't present my name as creator.

I don't sign any contract or agreement, and I don't take responsibility if the TVC is received bad review.

If you like my creation, you contact me, give information to me, then I give you the script. If you satisfied, you send money to my bank account.

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