About Me

My name is PHOU CHAKRIYA. PHOU (POO) is my surname and CHAKRIYA (Jarya) is my first name.
I am Cambodian. I live in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia.
I am author. 
At first, this blog was for posting my creative writing, but because I want to monetize and  my blog is told to change for it contained content wrong to its guideline. Hence, I have to change from story site to people and blog site.
I have removed my fiction and it may cause comments of readers lose as well. In this case, I am very sorry.
My stories are moved to fictions sites.
I would like to inform that images in this site are taken by myself/my family member.
You can find more about me :
- https://yayaidea.com/
- https://sarinnaads.blogspot.com/ 
- https://empireofpig.blogspot.com/ 
- https://dolphin4d.wordpress.com/

The hot issue nowadays is copyrights. I hope my photo will not be copied or used without my permission.

Please enjoy.

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