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Short story 'I dreamt'

written by Chakriya PHOU   I had a dream.  In the dream, I was sleeping on a bed in a room. Water surrounded my bed.  Then I opened my eyes and sat up. I saw a girl sitting at edge of my bed. I was told that she was not human. She was about my age and her half low body was snake. She glanced at me and then dissolves herself into me.  I did not refuse.  However, I claimed, "I'm not afraid if I become a monster, but I declare that no matter how vicious I become, I will not kill any human being."

Short story 'Job Interview'

It is a short story that I had published on February, 01 2019. I hid it, but now I have decided to publish it again. Just to entertain the readers only, because these days, I cannot find a  topic to write; therefore, I check and I think I should show the post that I have hidden.  Please enjoy. written by Chakriya PHOU In a company's room... Interviewer : Hello, welcome to my company. Please show why I should hire you.   Interviewee : Because I have 3 qualifications.   Interviewer : What are they?   Interviewee : First, I speak honestly. Second, I share all knowledge/information. Third, if I do something wrong, I will accept my mistake.   Interviewer : Because of these 3 qualifications, I hope you'll find another job.   Interviewee : Why?   Interviewer : You speak honestly, it means you are not flexible. You share info, it means you cannot be my confidant because you would tell others about my story. You accept your mistake if you do wrong, it means you don't k