Sunday, May 30, 2021

What does it mean, if you dream about ghost


When you sleep, you may have dream.

Some people think dream is normal, no need to care about. But some people think it may want to tell or warn about something.

It depends on your own belief. It is not right or wrong, neither it is true or not.

Such as dream about ghost.

In Cambodia, ghost dream can be interpreted into several kinds of meaning. Some believe that there is problem coming to them. Some say it is a good sign. Some say it is because of our mind; if we are happy, then we will not dream about ghost.

For me, I have my own interpretation related to dream about ghost, and it is based on my observation.

Ghost appears in my dream telling me that I will become sick.

I have noticed it for years and I find it right, within my own condition.

Not only ghost, but also spirits. In summary, not-human.

When I dream about that creature, I know immediately that any of my body will be not well. I may got flu, I may got headache, I may hurt my stomach, I may hut my arm, I may ache my heart etc.

Some people say they will be sick if they dream about ghost, but they will be fine when that ghost is their relative or ancestor that passed away. Well, in my own situation, whoever, if they are not human, I will become not well if I dream about them.

This is what I want to present to you.

Like I mention above, it depends on yourself.

If you believe, it exists.

Friday, May 28, 2021

How to eat century egg


Century egg is original from China. It has no vitamin, but it is delicious, and I like eating it.

I don't know how to make it. Mostly, I buy it from market. 


Century egg sold in Cambodia is easy to recognize. It has light red shell like in photo. Inside is dark and it has not good smell anyway.

In general, I eat this egg with rice, and I add fish sauce. Some people like eat it with soybean sauce.


This egg can be added into soup or made to another kind of food.

When I buy, I have to tell seller that I need cooked century egg. It is like ordinary egg. If it is uncooked, or not cooked yet, it has liquid inside. If it is well cooked, it will be as same as normal cooked egg.

If you buy it, you should confirm from the seller that it is cooked or not yet.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Honeybee helps me stop diarrhea

Honey of bee is very good home-remedy. 
I got diarrhea after I had no sleep for two nights. The illness did not stop, I went to toilet several times in a day. I hurt inside my stomach. I did not want to eat anything because I was afraid of going to toilet. I felt exhausted. Then I saw honey-bee in my fridge, so I took it and ate one spoon. I noticed that I did not go to toilet anymore.

I wanted to make sure. Next time, when I got diarrhea, I took honey-bee suddenly, and I found the diarrhea was stopped.

Base on my experience, I can say the honey-bee is purely good natural medicine to heal diarrhea. It is really effective.

Way to use

- Pour honey-bee into a rice of spoon and eat it raw

- Don't drink water or eat anything after taking it

- Wait at least 15 minutes to half an hour, then you can drink or eat


- One day, should take only one spoon

- Better to take it morning or afternoon

- Don't take it much, just 3 days only 


It is for small illness only. If your diarrhea is strong, you should go to see doctor.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sometimes Breakfast


Sometimes, my breakfast is just Chinese fried dough and condensed milk.

These two things I can get from market.

In general, I eat three to four couple of Chinese fried dough. But I don't remember how much condensed milk I have.

This one is not healthy breakfast, but I want to eat it - sometimes - when I am bored with my daily breakfast, rice or noodle. After, I drink a glass of hot water or it will make my throat not well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I know why I dream about cockroach

One night, I had a dream.

In the dream, I went into restroom - it is toilet in my old house that I had left over than 10 years.

I entered it, but did not do anything. Near it, there was a cement lagoon of water. Inside the lagoon, there was a metal bowl. I took that bowl. Suddenly, my hand touched something. I checked; it was cockroach. I was fear, so I set my hand free. Later, I scanned into lagoon. There were several cockroaches inside. Some was attached with the bowl, and some were floating on water.

When I woke up, I thought about it. What does it mean?

Next morning - after night of dreaming - my mother called me to help her cook. She wanted to make mango salad. She minced mango already, but not yet prepare meat to mix with the mango. She wanted to use salty dried fish. And she asked me to remove its meat.

When I was removing meat of dried fish, I inspected my hands that were messed by the fish then I reminded cockroach in my dream. I looked at the dried fish skin; I felt the cockroach and the dried fish in the dream were the same.

Hah hah.. I've got it.

Dream about my hands attached with cockroach does not have bad or good meaning. It is about my hands getting mess with salty dried fish only.

Okay. Fine then.

Monday, May 10, 2021

If you are healthy, you have diamond in hand

People usually neglects about important thing in their lives. They know what it is and how important it is, still they don't pay attention.


I don't know.

So, I write article to remind about significant thing in life of human. It is health. My will is to tell everyone to take care of health with good living habits as below.

1. Do Exercise

Please work out regularly.

It prevents you from illness; it strengthens your health; and it keeps you younger than age.

2. Drink Warm Water

Warm water is very best. If you don't like warm water, normal temperature water is good too.

Please avoid cool water.

3. Don't Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Come on. Stop it now. It is not good for your health and it brings harm to you in near future.

If you stress, try other activities such as reading book, go for a walk, go hiking, play sport etc.

4. Get Sun Light

Sun light in the morning brings vitamin D to your body. So, take your time at least 15 minutes to stay under morning sunlight.

5. Sleep Early

11 pm is considered as late hour for sleeping. You should not stay late more than this. Try to free yourself from work, even it is not finished yet, and go to rest in bed.

Take full sleep, then you have enough energy and fresh brain to make your work done.

6. Be Happy

Yes, important part to keep your health good is to be happy. Don't allow stress or worry or anger to access your mind. Ignore what makes your mind not peaceful. Try to smile - and smiling from heart.

When you feel depressed or unhappy, try to find way to boost your mood like listen to music, play sport, chat with family or friend, exercise, gardening etc.

Money can buy you medicine, but it can't buy you health.

Hence, if you have good health, please treasure it. Don't ruin it underneath bad manners such as drink, smoke or drug. If you take care of it well, it will bring you great fortune. If you don't, it will be late to regret.


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Fried Pork with Farming Tomato


- Pork

- Farming Tomato

- Oil

- Garlic

- Salt

- Sugar

How to make

- Slice pork to be thin

- Cut each tomato into four pieces

- Mince garlic

- Put pan on heat, then put oil into the pan

- Put minced garlic, then put pork, salt and sugar

- Put tomato at last


- Farming tomato does not have similar size, so I cannot tell numbers of it to be used.

- Farming tomato is good when cook without remove its seed.

4 Safe Ways To Get Fair Skin

I don't want to talk about white or brown skin. I want to speak about not pretty skin, such as dark spot, rough etc.
If your skin is not fresh, smooth, then you can try this three ways.

1. Eat Mango

If in Cambodia, it is not hard to find this type of fruit. There are several kinds of it. The kind I want to recommend is sour-sweet mango.

That mango can remove dark spot on skin. Just eat it plain, don't add sugar or salt.

No need to eat everyday. Once in a month is fine.

2. Drink Apple and Pear Juice

This is very awesome drink. Delicious and good benefit to reduce dark color of the skin.

If you can drink it everyday, it is great. And one day is one glass.

3. Stay under Shade

Sun light can ruin your skin. So don't go out often.

If you cannot avoid and need to go out, please wear long dress to cover your body skin, and don't forget wear hat to protect your face.

4. Live in Cool

If you are in cool country, it is very good. 

If you are in hot weather country, good way is to stay in room with air conditioner.

Stay in cool room can help your skin too.


These are very safe. 

Only one problem is that you have to spend long time, and operate everyday to get the effectiveness.

Decide by yourself. If you want to try, then you do.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Virgin Coconut Oil Grow Hair

I fall hair due to health condition.

My hair becomes thin and I can see my head almost becomes bald. 

Really scare. 

I have heard about coconut oil's benefit, so I tried it, and I experience it's good.

Hair begins to grow now. I am glad. 

Let me show your my way to use coconut oil for hair growing:

- At night, before I go to bed, I take shower and shampoo normally. Then I put coconut oil on my fingers and pat gently on my head. I practice like I do massage my head.

- I leave it on head one night. In morning, I wash my hair.


- I do once in two weeks because my hair is oily type. Apply coconut oil frequently on hair can cause more falling.

- I use few drops of coconut oil only. 

- It works better if you sleep in cool room, with air conditioner. If you sleep in hot room, it makes you sweat, and coconut oil can block your sweat pore, and it may cause trouble.

- I don't keep it longer than one night. In morning, I rush cleaning it away or it makes my hair dropping more.

Virgin coconut oil is natural remedy. It takes time to make you see the effect. You have to be patient if you use this kind of natural medicine.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Lemon Tea Home Made


- Hot boiled water

- Lemon

- Sugar

How to make

- Cut lemon and squeeze to get it juice

- Pour hot water into clean bowl

- Put lemon juice and sugar

- Stir until sugar melt

- Keep it until it becomes cool

- Pour into bottle and set it in refrigerator


You can drink it warm if you like.

My family makes this drink to boost energy and reduce stress feeling while we were during city lock down.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Instant Noodle and Minced Pork


- Instant noodle

- Pork

- Tomato

- Oil

- Garlic

- Salt

- Sugar

How to make

- Mince pork

- Mince tomato

- Mince garlic

- Put pan and fry garlic, then put minced pork, tomato, salt and sugar, and fry them

- Put instant noodle in bowl and pour hot boiled water into, cover until it is cooked

- When instant noodle is cooked, remove water, then put fried minced pork into the bowl

Instant noodle has its sauce. When you cook it, you can put the sauce, but I recommend you to put less than half for it is salty and fried minced pork is salty too.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Mango and Dried Fish Salad


- Mango

- Dried fish

- Sugar

How to make

- Cut mango to small and thin

- Punch dried fish

- Put them together in a bowl

- Put small amount of sugar and mix them together


Dried fish is salty, so no need put salt.

If you don't like sweet, then you don't need to put sugar. Mix sour of mango and salty of dried fish is already well done.

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