Monday, April 29, 2024

Pig takes half day off

“Robert, this afternoon, I won’t be able to work in the garden with you. Can you do it alone?” I said.

“Sure.” Robert nodded his head. “Where will you go?”

“I don’t go anywhere. I stay at home.”

“Then why can't you work in the garden?”

“I am writing a strategy for my online career. I need to revise it and perhaps I will make a new one. You know! my financial situation.”

“Why do you do strategy?”

“Because it is a thing to make a work go even though it is a job or business. Even living our lives, we need to have a strategy as well.”

Robert wagged his head, “I see.”

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Pig works harder and harder

Before I got up at 8am, but after I removed the adsense from my youtube channel, I got up at 6am. I worked in the garden and took one hour off to have lunch then I continued working till 5pm.

After I had dinner, I took a shower then I brought my laptop to sit in a chair in my front yard.

“These days you seem to work a lot,” Robert said.

“I lost a part of my income; I cannot have leisure time like before,” I said.

“Well, what are you doing?” 

“I am updating my websites.”


“I’m a blogger. It’s one of the jobs that humans do to earn money.”

“What do you do as a blogger?”


“Write what?”

“Anything. Like me, I write creative stories, administration job experience, food and travel, and sample TV commercial script.”

“I don’t understand any of them, but I think you are a super pig.”

“Do you want to be a super dog? I am pleased to be your mentor.”

“Yes, yes.” Robert wagged head in a row before he came to sit on a chair next to me.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Greedy makes pig lose

“Are you okay?” Robert asked when he heard me have long and heavy breathes in a row.

“I am not okay,” I said. “I have to confess that I am not okay.”

“Are you angry with them?”

“No, I am not angry with them; I am just not okay with myself.”

I knew that Robert didn’t understand, hence I explained after I drank a hot passion tea.

“Actually since the beginning, that company told already that my location is not eligible to apply for monetization on their website. Because I wanted money, I changed the location to get permission to get my videos monetized. They know, they know that I lied but they still allow it. Before I didn’t understand, but now I understand - like the Buddha said about karma; we are the ones who are responsible for our own action. Because I lied to them by putting their own country as my location, I must pay tax according to their country’s tax law. A poor country pays tax to the rich country, can you imagine? It’s the reason that in order to get USD 100, I had to spend two years. Now, they add another tax; at first, I was angry with them, but after thinking, it is not their fault, it’s my own greed who kills myself, they wanted me to learn my own lesson. It’s the result that I lied.”

“If you understand it, why are you not happy?”

“The unhappiness that I am having now is the punishment from my own doing.”

“Oh I see." Robert wagged his head. "After that, what will you do?”

“I will remove adsense from my video channel and I will change my location to my true location. Not only on that website but also other websites - I will change location to Cambodia and let it decide to allow me monetize or disable my videos. I will earn money by working hard and with sincerity.”

“I support you,” Robert said and raised his palm.

“Thanks buddy,” I said and raised my palm to meet with his; and we both smiled.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

After pig receives email

“Robert,” I said “I won’t be able to meet you for a few nights.”

“Why?” Robert said.

“I am busy checking my account after the company asked me to pay another tax. Also I am busy thinking whether I should continue all my accounts or not.”

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Why are there problems in our lives?

These few nights Robert and I didn’t have time to talk because we were tired since we worked hard in the garden during the day. 

The situation in the human’s society seemed to not be getting any better, and I needed to prepare in case it turned out to be worse.

After collecting enough food to put in the storage, Robert and I could have a relaxing night outside my house.

“All parts of my body ache,” Robert said.

“Me too,” I said.

“Well, I am thinking about life. All of us who live in this world seem to have problems. No one can escape even if it is human or animal. I wonder why there are problems.”

“If you ask me, I can share my own opinion that the problem is coming from us - ourselves.” I made a pause to take a sip of warm tea, then I carried on, “There is another name of the problem, it is conflict. There are two major conflicts, internal conflict and external conflict. Internal conflict is about an argument between yourself. For example, you want to do something but you are scared to do it, so you fight inside your own self to do or not to do. The external conflict is an argument between you and things outside, sometimes it can be between you and another person, you and the things such as the weather, the natural disasters, etc. No matter if it is the internal or external conflict, it happens because you don’t agree with it, more than that you try to change it to become what you want it to be. When it doesn’t become like what you want, your mind is not pleased, you try to find another way. If it becomes like what you want it to be, your mind is happy, but might think it is not enough, you want to make it better, so you try to find a way to make it happen like what your new mind wants it to be. Back and forth, every day, every time, non-stop. And everyone in the world does the same, and it becomes their forever activities and from generation to generation until now.”

Robert wagged his head, “I can feel what you said.”

Monday, April 22, 2024

Why are they fighting?

For the whole day, the farms next to my house were very quiet. This was not normal because at least in a day they liked to create a noise for a few seconds. However, all my media-friends came to tell me without needing me to go to ask. They told me that their masters were worried about the recent happenings in the world, so they told their sons and daughters that had families to not go out or visit them in order to not make them spend much. 

I could understand their worries. The recent events didn’t bring happiness not only to humans but also animals.

Robert heard about this matter. He seemed to be sad as well. At night he asked me, “Why are humans fighting?”

Like previous nights, I told him a story.

“I heard from my ex-master’s eldest daughter when she started to work in the magazine. According to the rule of the country, the new magazine needed to send their reporters and people who worked relevant such as translator and editor to get training for one week about how to write a report that was quality and gave peace to the society. One of the trainers told a story which was a creative story but it was based on what happened in the world while it was in chaos. It said during that time, there was a family running to live in a cave. That family had three members - a father, mother and a son who was about six years old. When they were having a meal, the son asked why they needed to leave their home to live in such a dark cave. The father said because a tiger and an elephant were fighting. The son asked why the tiger and elephant were fighting. The father said because the tiger was not a good animal. Immediately, the mother said the tiger was not bad, it was the elephant who was not good. Then two of them argued with each other. At that moment, the son wagged his head and said, “Oh I understand why they are fighting.”

Robert shrank his eyes, “Really? He did understand?”

“What about you? Can you find out?”

“No.” Robert shook his head.

“Then let’s hear the end of the story.” I took a sip of warm tea before I said, “When their parents heard, they stopped arguing and turned to ask their son “Why?” and the son said, “The tiger and the elephant fight each other because they don’t agree with each other - like the two of you.”

“Ah…” Robert wagged his head. “All the conflict, no matter if it is an argument or a fight, happens because those who are involved don't agree with each other. In conclusion, they have different ideas.”

I smiled, “You are progressing.”

Sunday, April 21, 2024

History teachers

Tonight, Robert was laying on the ground next to my lounge, quietly. 

Seeing he was not active, I asked, “Don’t you want to know anything more?”

“I am thinking,” Robert said and continued to be quiet. A few minutes later, he said, “I can’t think of anything. Perhaps you choose by yourself to tell me.”

“Well,” I poured tea into my cup and took a sip before I started, “when I was living in my ex-master’s house, one day I heard his younger son ask his mother why the students needed to study history. His mother said she didn’t know. Then he said one day he went to study in the class of a teacher at his school. That teacher said that the reason all students needed to learn about history was to know which country invaded their own country and they had to take revenge. The next day, he went to enroll in another class, it was the same subject but with a different teacher. That teacher said to his students that the reason everyone needed to learn about history was to find what had happened and what the mistakes people in ancient times had done in order to get understanding and to not repeat it again even if it was the war. After telling, his mother asked who he thought was right; he said he didn’t think who was right or wrong, he just agreed with the second teacher because he had the same idea as him.”

“I think that young guy was right.”

“Well,” I said after I took another sip, “what I want to tell you is each person has their own point of view. However you have to be careful when you listen to someone who you or a group of people consider as a person who is in a position to give a speech or as your guide because some of them might confuse their own opinion with the opinion of what they are talking about and lead the listeners to wrong understanding. So, when you hear something from someone, please listen but don’t believe it, you must search for more information and opinion from other people until you have enough data to make a conclusion.”


Will pig need to pay tax?

These are countries that readers read my site based on.

Will blogspot demand me to pay tax to their countries?

Because their citizens read my site, will I have to pay tax to them? How much will I have to pay? One cent or one dollar? Per number of view or per number of people?

My guardian angel, if blogspot has a plan like this in the future, please tell me in the dream. I will close my site without hesitation, because I don't have money to pay them; I don't get money from building this site; I just love writing only.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Still he is human because he is a human

“Hello, I have a question to ask you tonight,” Robert said when I opened the door.

“Okay,” I said with a smile before I put the tea pot on the table and laid my body into the lounge.

“I think your ex-master is a knowledgeable person. Even though you are a pig, you could become a scholar when you were near him. Why did you leave?”

“Because though he is a great guy, full of knowledge, he is still a human. It means what a human is, he is as well.”

“Like what?”

“Well, last night, I told you about the watermelon that exploded. You thought he was a good father, right? (Robert wagged his head) Me too, I thought he was a very good father and he should be the one who educated his children. But one day, I saw an event that made me change the direction of my thoughts. My ex-master has six children. His eldest child is a girl and her first child is a daughter. At that time, that kid was studying at grade one. One day she visited his house. My ex-master brought a word-book and called her to read. After reading, he closed the book and asked her to spell the words. Then she spelled one wrong word; he said to her, “Why are you so stupid? This is an easy word, why can’t you spell it? You are wasting the money that is paid to the school.” That kid burst into tears and ran to her mother immediately. Still he didn’t stop murmuring. He said that because she was a girl, there was nothing she could do besides crying, and he would prefer to have a grand-son.”

“Oh.” Robert opened his eyes.

“At first I thought he might be unhappy, he didn’t have the intention to say that to his granddaughter, but then I heard his daughters talking with each other then I knew that he did like this to his children too. When his children were young, he taught them at home. He wanted them to be good at everything, so when his children could not be good like he demanded, he would scold them. If it was a son, he would say he was useless or an idiot, if it was a daughter, he would say like he said to his grand-daughter and he said that he would prefer to have a son. Because of such behavior, his wife didn’t allow him to teach the children, and he and his wife usually had quarrels with each other.”

“That’s why his wife always protects the children.” Robert shook his head. “I can’t believe he can say that to his children and especially to his grand-daughter, she is just a kid.”

“There are more than that,” I said while I was pouring tea into the cup. “That’s why I said though he is a knowledgeable person, he is still a human.”

Robert wagged his head, “I seem to have a light in my brain.”

Friday, April 19, 2024

Exploded watermelon

The first night of class arrived. Robert ran quickly to me when he saw me open the door.

“Hello Robert,” I said.

“Hello,” Robert said with a smile.

I put my tea pot on the table then laid my body into the lounge before I started.

“My ex-master’s family liked eating watermelon. One day my ex-master’s wife bought a big watermelon from the market and put it on a table in the kitchen then she went to take a shower. When she came out of the bathroom, her son told that the watermelon exploded. Hearing that, she went to the kitchen and saw the watermelon had a broken trace. When my ex-master came back from the office, his wife told him. Then he told his wife to call his son as he wanted to hear the detailed story from him. His wife was angry and said that he was not a good father since he thought his son lied. My ex-master said he didn’t think his son lied. His wife said if he didn’t, why did he need to call him to ask for the detailed story? My ex-master didn’t talk with his wife, he called his son and asked what he saw before he claimed the watermelon exploded. His son told he came into the kitchen and saw the watermelon had a broken trace. My ex-master said, “Because of that you called it exploded?” His son said yes. My ex-master asked, “Do you know the meaning of the word explode?” His son was silent. He asked more, “If we can call a thing that explodes, do you know what it should be?” His son remained silent. Then my ex-master explained that, “If you want to say a thing explodes, you have to see that thing blow up violently with a very loud sound and its part flies.” His son said, “No one tells me that. Since I was young when I saw something broken, I always said it exploded. Now, I know; I will change my words.” 

After telling, I asked Robert, “What do you think about this story?”

“I can understand your story. Because the son didn’t mean to say the watermelon exploded, but because he didn’t know the word, that’s why he said it wrongly,” Robert said.

I nodded my head.

“However, I wonder how your ex-master could see the problem.”

“Because my ex-master is a graduated student.”

“Wow! What’s about his wife?”

“The same.”

“If so, how could she not see? Moreover, she was angry with her husband and said that her husband thought the son lied.”

“It’s because she loves children very much. She cares and always protects them. No one can blame or say something bad about her children. Like the proverb said - love is blind. It’s the reason she couldn’t see her children’s mistake even if they did wrong before her.”

“I see.”

I took a sip of warm tea before I continued, “So before you want to say something to someone, you should think about the words you will use. You should know the meaning of each word and how it is used. Because if you use the wrong word, your conversational partner will misunderstand what you want to tell them; sometimes, it might cause the two of you to argue with each other. Like when you said to the crow, you might use not correct words, that’s why she didn’t agree with you and turned against you.”

Robert wagged her his head.

“One more thing, you have to be careful when people you are close to, such as family members, friends, or colleagues, tell you something. I don’t tell you to not believe them, I want to tell you to consider when you hear anything from them. Some people don’t lie, but they might misinterpret what they hear or see; then when they tell you a story, that story is converted to a different story from the original one.”

“Okay, I got it.” Robert nodded.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Dog wants to study

Tonight was a cool and peaceful night for me, but Robert didn’t find it so. Look at him, he was laying on the ground next to my lounge - not only an unhappy face but also an upset face.

“What's the problem, Robert?” I asked.

Robert blew a loud breath before he answered me, “In the afternoon, I got scolded by crow.”

“She scolded you?”

“Yes.” Robert nodded head. “I talked about the Buddha’s precepts and I said that she was bad because she stole food from humans. She asked me about the precepts. After I told her, she said she stole the meat from the humans, but the meat was dead, and that meat was animal’s, the human killed a living animal then took the flesh. She asked me - what about humans who killed that living animal?”

“So which part did she scold you?”

Hearing my question, Robert raised up his head and looked at me. I looked at him, quietly waiting for his answer. Still he could not reply to my question though several seconds passed.

“Well Robert,” I spoke, “I know you are a straight-mouth guy, but a straight mouth doesn’t mean good.”


“Because you just said what you want to say and the things that you want to say are not always right.”

“Do you mean I am wrong?”

“I said you are not always right, but I didn’t say you are wrong.”

“I don’t understand. Complicated!”

“Yes, it is complicated. You are not right, it does not mean you are wrong. You are right, it does not mean you are correct. You say something correct, it does mean what you say is real. And the real thing you are saying does not mean it is true.”

“Oh my,” Robert said, covering his head, “I’ve got a headache.”

I chuckled when I saw his action.

“I really don’t understand what you said,” Robert removed his hands from head, “but I want to understand it. How can I understand it?”

“There is only one way, study.”

“Study! But I am a dog.”

“No matter if you are a dog or even a worm, you are free to study. Like me, I am a pig, but I study.”

“How do you study?”

“At first, my ex-master taught me, then I learned by myself from everyone and everything around me.”

“You are great, I want to. Please teach me.”

“Well, I don’t study associated with teaching methods, I don’t know how to teach you; but if you are willing and committed to study, let’s find out a way. Tell me what you like to hear about.”

“I’m not sure, but I like to hear everything. When I stayed with my ex-master, he usually told me stories and I liked it.”

“I see.” I wagged my head. “I think we can use this method - at night, we will have a meeting here. I will tell you a story. Also if you have any questions or want to know something, you ask me. But I have to tell you in advance that I will answer only the things I know clearly.”

Robert smiled and wagged his head in a row, “Okay.”

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Crow protests that she is not the bad bird

Caw, caw…

“Hello crow,” Robert said. “Pig and I just talked about you recently.”

“Oh,” the crow was surprised, “what was that?”

“He said he likes you because you are a hard working bird.”

The crow stayed silent.

“But I still have a question.”


“I believe you work hard to find food by yourself, but you steal the food. Stealing is not good. According to the precepts in Buddhism, you are wrong.”

“What are the precepts?”

“They are not killing, not stealing, not sexually misconducting, not lying and not drinking alcohol.”

“The three precepts are not with me because I am a bird. But I want to ask you about the first and the second. Can you explain it to me?”

“The first one is about not killing any living things and the second is about not taking things from the owner without their permission, and you are wrong because you take the food from the human without their consent. You are bad.”

“Well, well, well, I confess I steal food from humans.” The crow wagged her head. “I steal from them not only the fruits but also the meat. However, talking about the meat. It’s the animal’s flesh. The animal is alive. The human kills it then takes the flesh from it to eat. When I see it, I fly to take it. However it is a dead thing. If I am bad because I steal it, what about the human? They kill it!”

Mouth of Robert was blocked after hearing it. And before I got out, the crow had already left.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Pig doesn’t want to be famous

“Pig,” Robert called, “what is that in your water fountain?”

I went to see. “Oh, it’s a firefly larva,” I told him.

“Why does it come to stay here?”

“Fireflies need a moisturized place to lay eggs. The bush has no water, so they come to lay eggs here.”

“Wow, you are knowledgeable. If you are a writer, I think you will be famous.”

“I am a writer, but I don’t want to be famous.”


“I tell you a tale. Once upon a time, there were two males who were best friends. They swore to not be apart from each other, so after they died, they reincarnated as a bird with one body but two heads. One day, the bird was caught by the king. The king wanted them to be apart but the bird refused. Even though the king provided many valuable things or even food, the bird still didn’t agree. So the king said to his subordinates that if anyone could make this bird apart from each other, he would give a reward. Then his advisor came out and told he could do it. That advisor went to a head then acted like he was whispering something into his ear. When he went away, the second head asked his friend what the advisor told him and the first head said the advisor didn’t say anything. However, the second head didn’t believe and said his friend was not loyal to him. Then the advisor came again and did the same acting into the ear of the second head. When he was away, the first head asked the same question and the second head said the advisor didn’t say anything. The first head was upset and said he didn’t believe his friend. The second head said why he didn’t believe him and the first head said because when he told him the first time that the advisor didn’t say anything, he didn’t not believe him. The two heads argued with each other, stronger and stronger, then they decided to separate their body in order to go their own ways. They tore their body into two and both of them died at last.”

Robert shrank his eyes, “What is the relationship between this tale and your writer job?”

“What I want to tell you is that if I became a famous writer, there would be some people, like the advisor, who would use my writing to cause troubles such as break other people’s relation - to gain advantage for their own self.”

Robert wagged his head, “I see.”

Monday, April 15, 2024

Genius pig

In the afternoon, cow came to my house.

“If you want garlic chives, you have to ask Robert,” I told.

“I’m not hungry,” cow said.

“Good.” I grinned.

“I’m thirsty.”

I smiled, as well, but this time my smile was not sincere from my heart.

“Do you have coconut juice?”

“Okay.” I walked to bring a coconut and a straw for him.

“Thank you,” Cow said, then drank it. “My master gave me food,” he told, “ but he forgot to give me water.”

“Did he forget?”

“Yes, because he is upset with his daughter.”

“What did his daughter do to him?”

“His daughter got married and has a child. Today she brought her child to visit my master and my master said she should have more kids; when they grow up, they would help each other. But his daughter said she wants only one kid because she isn't sure she will be able to love them equally.”

“I think she isn't wrong.”

“She isn't wrong but she said it before her husband.”

“I don't follow.”

“Well, my master has four children. The one who said that was the eldest daughter. She usually doesn’t go along with my master because he always takes the side of the sons.”

“I see.” I wagged my head. “Your master is upset because what her daughter said made him think she wants only a child because of his bad conduct as her sample, and because she said it in front of her husband, he felt ashamed and was afraid his son-in-law would think anything not good about him.”

“Completely correct. I heard my master talked on the phone with his friend. He said exactly the same as you just said.”

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Pig prefers a crow than the animals in the farm

“Pig, I want to ask you a question,” Robert said.

“Yes,” I said.

“Between your animal farm friends and the crow, which one do you prefer?”

“I choose the crow.”

“Why?”“This is an assignment I give you.”

Robert nodded, “Okay.”

After a few days, he came to me and said, “I finished the assignment.”

“Can you tell me?”

“You prefer the crow over the cow, duck and twin piggies because the crow is a hard working bird. I don’t want to talk about the job, I want to talk about in general. Daily the crow tries to find the food, while your four friends spend most of their time talking bad about others.”

“You are getting wiser,” I said with a large smile.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Pig likes beauty pageants but stops follow up them

It was a cool and pretty night. There was the moon and there were stars in the sky.

While I was relaxing in the lounge and enjoying fireflies in the bushes before, there were sounds coming from the farms around my house.

“What’s that?” Robert said.

“I think they are cheering for the Miss competition,” I said.

“You know about it, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“What is it?”

“Well, it’s a competition between women from countries around the world. It happens once a year. My ex master watched it and I usually accompanied him. There are three or four of them with different names but have the same concept - as a pretty women contest.”

“Is it good?”

“I don’t know since I stopped following those programs.”


“Those competitions are full of pretty women. I love pretty women. During previous years, the winner would go around the world to promote human activity. I didn't remember when they started to, mostly, focus on promoting products or businesses.”

“Don’t you like them?” 

“I never hate the beauty pageants or the organizers. The reason I stop watching these programs is because they have different visions and I want different things.”

Friday, April 12, 2024

Pig tells about a bad partner of human

After the escape, I didn't go anywhere . It has been a few days already, but I still stayed inside my gate. 

My four friends came to visit me. They seemed to not be scared of Robert anymore, but they weren't friendly with him much since he didn't talk with them.
It could be considered a kind of them to care about me after they heard my story but they made me feel they came to find a place to eat and drink for free. However I had to welcome them.

“Did you hear about the daughter of the farmer next to my farm?” Twin piggies said.

“We heard about her.” Cow and duck nodded. “She got divorce after two weeks of marriage.”

“Do you know why?”

Cow and duck shook their heads.

“Her husband talked bad about her when he was with his family and his friends.”

“Oh my gosh!” Cow and duck unlocked their mouths big. “How could he do that? He is not a good man.”

“Well,” I jumped into the chat, “Did they know each other before marriage?”

“I heard they stayed together for three years,” piggies said.

“How can she not know about his behavior?”

“She knew it. He talked to her about his family's members, his friends, his colleagues and everyone he knew. All were not good stories. But she didn't think that he would do that to her.”

“It's called love is blind. When a person who likes to talk bad about others to us, they will talk bad about us to others too.”

All of them showed upset faces. “Women are pitiful,” they said.

“Man is pitiful as well if he stays with a woman who likes to talk bad about others because she will talk bad about him even though he is her husband.”

“What should they do?” All of them asked.

“They can't do anything besides choosing wisely no matter if they are women, men or gay. A wrong partner, sometimes, causes their lives not only to fall apart but also break into pieces.”

All of them wagged their heads.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Pig uses dog’s game to escape from wolf

I delivered the vegetables to the merchants. When I was walking back home, the wolf jumped from the bush to stand before me in the middle of the road. His face showed a glee and his smile revealed his sharp teeth. 

“It's the end of you, fat pig,” he said, then he stepped one by one towards me. His face was full of happiness. 

“No, no,” I made my voice trembling, made my face pale, and made my feet quake to tell him I was scared. But I was not scared at all. When I saw him thinking he could get me, I opened my eyes and said, “Robert!”  

Hearing the name, the wolf turned his face to look at his behind. Like a flash, I escaped behind him and when he returned his face as he saw no one, I quickly ran on the ahead road. This method surprised the wolf and it made him late for a few seconds before he rotated his body and started chasing me. Since the wolf was a good hunter, I couldn't win over him by running straight on the road. I had to run once to the left and once to the right. There were bushes and there were rocks, luckily I trained running for the stick and jumped over the rocks with Robert, I could pass them easily. It surprised the wolf big, and it caused him to chase me more late. Not long after, I ran out of the jungle. The sun was shining, adding the pressure on the wolf making him slower his speed. Differently, I added my gear till I saw the gate of my house. 

I yelled, “Robert.” 

Hearing my voice, Robert came out of the house. When he saw the wolf was behind me, he ran at full speed and barked like thunder. The wolf paused his feed when he saw Robert, then he ran back to the forest.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

How pig earns money when it doesn’t have money

It was a warm night. I sat in the lounge and watched the fireflies in the bush before my house.

Robert was laying next to my lounge.

“Our vegetables are fresh,” he said.

“Yes.” I nodded. “I will take them to the merchant tomorrow.”

“This is how you get money.”


“Well, I wondered when you did this job the first time. How could you find a merchant?”

“Well,” I took a cup of cool tea to drink, then I told him, “I didn’t find them. They came to me.”

Robert raised up his head, “Really?”

“Yes.” I put the cup on the table. “I didn’t do anything. I just sat in the house, smiled and laughed from the morning till night, then a merchant came to knock on my door and asked if I had anything to sell to him. I said I had vegetables, he said he bought them. After that, I always take my vegetables to him and other merchants.”

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Pig is afraid of someone’s smile

Robert and I were gardening.

From a distance, duck was coming.

“Hello pig, hello Robert,” she said, then she left.

After that, cow came. 

“Hello pig, hello Robert,” he said, then he left.

Next was twin piggies.

“Hello pig, hello Robert,” they said then they left.

I took a heavy sigh.

“Why do you look so upset?” Robert asked.

“I’m not upset. I’m worried,” I replied.

“Why? They were coming with a smile.”

“I better want the mean face of the wolf because at least I know that he is my enemy. But those four guys, I cannot guess what they hide behind their beautiful smiles."

Monday, April 8, 2024

Pig is scared of human’s society

There was a sound coming from the neighbor’s farm.

“What’s the matter?” Robert asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll go to see.”

After telling him, I walked out of the house.

Five minutes later, I came back.

“It’s the son of the master of the duck. He was cheated by a woman who he met online. He lost his savings.”

Robert raised his eyebrows when he heard it, “He has graduated. How can he get cheated?”

“Well, I can say he is too careless. He should know people are good and bad. He can’t trust anyone easily. People who have known each other for many years, see each other face to face, still they can betray; how can he believe in someone he just met through the internet?”

Robert opened his eyes big.

“You know!" I continued, "Some men leave their country for another country and get a wife in that country in order to make it easier for him to find money. Even though he is a married man. And his wives in his homeland don’t oppose - because they want money from their husbands. Some ladies know that the men are already taken, still they agree to be a third party because they want the men to take care of their living expenses. To get money, humans can do everything, especially people online. Some people act they are poor to get help from viewers, some people act they are rich to gain popularity or to scam other's money, some people create fake stories and post on social media to get views, some people act they love each other to get views etc. In current society, the community of people who love the same sex is new and it is famous. Some people fake their identity by pretending they love the same sex in order to be famous, some do it to cheat on same-sex-person to offer them money. There is more than that about the bad things that humans create inside their own society.”

Robert shook his head, “They become scarier.”

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Why pig chooses to be a gardener

“Pig, how can you earn money to support your life after you left your master?” Robert asked.

“When I was living with him, I learnt how to grow vegetables. When I left his farm, I grew vegetables then I took them to sell to the merchant,” I responded.

“Why did you choose to grow vegetables instead of doing other things?”

“Because it is the only job that doesn’t need much money to spend on and it can grow even when I am sleeping.”


“Yes.” I smiled. “I just need soil to put it in, water it regularly, then it can grow on itself.”

“I see.” Robert wagged his head.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

What pig does towards friend

The moon was half in the sky.

I sat in the lounge and drank warm tea.

Robert went out of his house and came to lay on the ground next to my lounge. He looked at the moon and said, “The moon is alone.”

“Yes,” I nodded, “but I think she is happy to be alone.”

“What about you? Are you happy?”

I turned to him, “Why do you ask me this question?”

“I just wondered because I didn’t see you have a close friend.”

“I do, but I don’t see her.”


I took the cup to drink before I told him, “She and I were pigs in the farm of my ex-master. When I left the farm in the early days, we usually met, but then I decided to stop meeting her.”

“Why do you do that?”

“Because if I stay near her, she will not have any chance to improve herself since she loves to ask me to help her with every works. Furthermore, there are a lot of animals envious of me. They want to attack me but they can’t so they turn to her. Unless they see she is not my friend, she will be safe.”

Robert wagged his head, “I see.”

Friday, April 5, 2024

Very good friends of Pig!!!

When I was coming back from delivering vegetables to the merchant, I saw cow, duck and twin piggies sitting under the tree.

“Hello pig,” they said.

“Hello,” I said.

“Come to join us.”

It has been many days already that I haven't met them; hence, I thought I should not refuse their friendly invitation.

When I sat among them, they began to talk about everything, but they didn’t talk about the sugar cane, the corn and the tomato. Since they didn’t talk about them, I didn’t raise it either. However, I was not pleased because mostly they discussed rumors about their relatives, their neighbors, their friends and animals around them. I felt bored, so I said to them, “I have work to do, so I go now.”

They nodded their heads.

When I left about five steps, I heard them whisper…

“Who asks her to bring Robert! See, she has to work to raise that dog.”


“It’s her karma.”

Though I didn’t put their words in my mind. It was reality in this world. If you sit among the people talking behind the other, you will be their topic when you get up from your seat.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Pig enjoys dog’s game

It was a good, shiny day. 

At the lake, I and Robert played together. I threw a stick then Robert ran to catch it and brought it to me. Next, he threw it and I ran to catch it and brought it to him.

Cow, duck and twin piggies saw us. They yelled, “Are you crazy, pig? You are not a dog.” Then they laughed.

I didn’t care, I carried on playing. 

Following, I played with him by jumping over the bushes. Whoever won would get to sit on a cart and the loser would pull the cart home. And Robert was the winner.

“Ha ha ha, you are a crazy pig.” All my friends laughed at me strongly.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Pig wants to fight with wolf more than with friends

It was a quiet night. I sat in a lounge and looked at the fireflies in the bush before my house.

Robert was laying on the ground next to my lounge. When I raised a cup of hot tea to drink, he said, “These few days I didn’t see your friends coming.”

“I will see them when they bring me the seeds of vegetables they want me to grow for them, the soil to grow those vegetables and the well to water the vegetables,” I said and put the cup on the table.

Robert wagged his head. “I see,” he said.

We were silent for a few seconds then he asked, “Why do you give rose apples to crow?”

“She helped work for me. Actually, I paid her already but I still gave it to her for an extra.”

“Why do you make friends with her? She is a crow. A crow is not a good bird.”

“Though she is an honest informant who tells me about the wolf.”

“I heard about you and the wolf. He is your enemy. You think a lot when you need to fight with him, but I notice you were relaxed after that. Different from telling your friends to bring the seeds, the soil and the well; you look not relaxed.”

I showed a tired smile, “Fighting with an enemy is easier than fighting with a friend. I use a lot of energy - because my friends are toxic.”

Monday, April 1, 2024

Pig fights with toxic friend

“Hello pig,” cow said.

“Hello cow,” I said.

“I am hungry. I want to eat sugar cane.”

“Why do you tell me?”

“Please grow sugar cane, and when it is done, please bring it to me.”

After saying it, he left for his cage. I was standing still because of the surprise. 

Then duck came. She said to me, “Hello pig, I want to eat corn.”


“Please grow it for me.”

Again, she left after saying it.

“Hello pig,” twin piggies said.

“What’s the matter?” I said.

“We are hungry for tomatoes. Please grow them and bring them to us.” 

Like cow and duck, they left after telling me what they wanted, but didn’t wait for my confirmation.

I felt they were too much, but I could not refuse directly since I knew their personality clearly.

Next day, I called them and said, “Cow, you want sugar cane; duck you want corn; and twin piggies, you want tomato. In order to achieve it, you must find the seeds for me, you must buy soil and you must build a well for me to get the water to water the vegetables.”

“You are a good friend. We believe you can help us,” all of them said and tried to show a pitiful expression. However I was a strong mind pig. I said by stressing each of my words, “Bring me the seed, soil and the well” and I left without looking back after I finished my speech.

Duck likes to grumble

“I really don’t like that, I really don’t like that,” duck said by the gate of my house. “What’s the matter?” I said and opened the gate for...