Sunday, March 31, 2024

White and wise lie

Human readers, you might think I am so selfish by lying about having a dog to my friends and even to Robert - because I want to protect myself. However I can tell you that this lie is not to protect only myself but to protect Robert as well. Why? 

The wolf is not going to let me go. He is waiting for a chance. I believe Robert can fight him, but I think it is better to prevent the fight from happening - because if the fight occurs, it’s Robert who is going to combat the wolf, he will be the one who gets injured. I don’t want him to be hurt, so I decided to keep and continue this lie. 

Do you believe me? 

I don’t care if you don’t believe me. Only I believe in myself, it is enough. 

Because I’m a happy pig.


Saturday, March 30, 2024

Live and dead point of pig

“Hello, Robert,” crow said.

“Hello crow. Pig went out. This is your rose apple,” Robert said and gave the fruit to the crow. She received it but she didn’t leave; she asked, “Are you the only dog in this house?”

“Now, it is yes.”

“What does it mean?”

“There is another dog,” he pointed to the dog house opposite of his house, “but he is on vacation.”

“Did you see him?”

“No, but I heard his bark. Through his voice, I bet he is bigger and stronger than me.”

The crow didn’t say, just wagged her head.

I heard their conversation. 

‘I’m sorry Robert.’ I spoke in my mind. ‘I can’t let anyone know the truth, even you, that I don’t have a dog because it’s my dead point.’

Friday, March 29, 2024

Why do you lie to pig?

“Hello, pig. Can I ask for your garlic chives?” Cow, duck and twin piggies said.

“Well, now Robert is in charge of them. Ask him,” I said.

All of them shook their head, “Then we don’t want them.”


“Before he was kind and friendly. Now he is mean.”

“What did all of you do to him?”

“We didn't do anything. He changes.”

“If he changes, why does he change to all of you, but not me?”

“Perhaps,” three of them whispered into my ears, “he is trying to take advantage of you.”

I laughed.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Don’t try to fool the dog

It was a lot of weeks. I didn’t think Robert could make it, but at last he made it. Though he was old, he was strong, energetic and powerful the same as when he was young.

I went out to take the vegetables to sell to the merchant. When I came back and approached home, I saw cow, duck and twin piggies were running and Robert was chasing after them.

When I reached the house, the crow told me that while I was away, the cow, the duck and the twin piggies came to visit Robert and told him that they were the one who told me to bring him. They said they were the real people who helped him. In return, Robert showed his teeth and chased them away.

“Why did he do that?” I asked.

“He knew what you asked those four guys and what they said,” the crow said.

I shrank my eyes, “How does he know? I never told him.”

“I did.”

“How did you know?”

“I spied on you.”

“Why did you spy on me? Don’t you believe in me?”

“I believe in you but I don’t trust you.”

After saying it, the crow flew away.

Robert came back from chasing. He welcomed me with his wet tongue on my face before he opened the gate for me.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Pig uses digital device

The sound of the wolf frequently appeared.

Crow told me that the wolf thought I didn’t have a dog. He thought I lied to him - because he never saw that dog and no one saw it.

At night, I laid in the lounge in front of my door’s house. In my hand was a hot tea, and my eyes looked at the fireflies in the bush before my house. 

At that time, I heard the sound of the wolf howling but low. Suddenly, a dog’s bark came out in a loud pitch from the dog house opposite to the house of Robert. The wolf howling was silent for a few seconds, then it appeared; and the dog’s bark vocalized after that. It happened a few times, then the wolf howling completely stopped.

“Hey,” the crow flew to perch on the branch of the tree in front of my house, “you really have the dog. It’s not Robert.”

I didn’t say a word, just smiled.

You should know that I didn’t have a dog. The voice of dog barking was from the voice of the dog in my ex-master’s farm. I recorded his barking voice and put it in the dog house and I used the remote control to display the voice to threaten the wolf away.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tongue and heart

It was in the early morning. I went to see cow in his cage.

“Hello cow, I have something to talk about with you.”

“What is it?” Cow said.

“I heard that Robert is not dead yet. I want to bring him back.”

“It's a good idea.”

“But he is seriously sick. We have to take care of him.”

“I don’t have time. You do it.”

“I can, but at least you should help, like finding medicine etc.”

The cow thought for a few seconds then he said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea. Though we try to cure him, he might not be able to make it. It’s a waste of energy and time.”

“But if we have him, he can protect us from the wolf.”

“He is old now. Though he is cured, he might not be able to fight the wolf and he would not live longer.” 

“You just help get medicine for me. If you do, I will grow garlic chives for you.”

“It does not mean I don’t want to help, but like I mentioned, it’s a waste of energy and time.”

“Okay, bye.”

I left and went to see duck. I told her like I said with the cow. She gave the same answer as the cow’s. I went to twin piggies, they said the same as the cow and the duck.

After hearing all of their comments, I returned home. Actually, I already took Robert in. He was lying next to my door. 

Look at him. He was weak. His pair of eyes looked at me saying something that only my heart could hear it. I didn’t say anything to him. I just smiled, then I took equipment and materials from my warehouse and started building a house dog. Next, I took Robert to have a bath and brought him to his house.

Today, the crow came to take the rose apple late. When she arrived, I said to her, “Help get medicine for me and I will give rose apples to you for seven more days.”

“Okay,” the crow said.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Love opportunity

“What are you looking at?” I asked.

“We are looking at the son of the master of cow,” duck said.

“Why are you looking at him?”

“He has a broken heart,” twin piggies said.


“He likes the daughter of master of twin piggies,” cow said.

“But the daughter of our master goes to another guy. Today, she moved in with him,” twin piggies said.

“He is pitiful,” cow said.

“Why didn’t your master’s daughter love him? He is a good guy,” duck said.

“How can we know?” Twin piggies said.

What they said, I didn’t know. I just knew that I heard the daughter of the master of twin piggies called with her friend. She said that she liked the son of the master of cow, but when she went to talk with him, he didn’t speak with her and went away. She really tried to approach him, but he showed through his action and facial expression that he didn't like her. I saw it with my own eyes. It was not once, it happened all the time - the girl really tried to approach the man, but the man ran away. I heard she told her friend that she even contacted him on social media, but he blocked her. I even saw the woman cry, she cried very hard. I heard she told her friend that she thought the guy hated her so much. She felt she was unwanted. It has been many months. Now, I heard that she met another guy, I was happy for her. However, I had a big question mark when I heard from my friends that the son of the master of the cow was sad when he heard the girl was with someone else. He should be happy as he didn’t like her. From today he would not need to run away because she would not come to bother him anymore. Why was he sad?

Sunday, March 24, 2024

They are pig’s friends

“Hello,” cow said.

“Hello,” I said.

“Can you give me your garlic chives?”


I ran to my garden and picked some garlic chives for him. 

“No, no. I mean I want to eat,” cow said.

“Yes. You can eat some and take some to grow near your cage. When you are hungry, you can eat it immediately,” I said.

“I don’t know how to grow it.”

“It’s easy. Just put it in the ground and it can grow on its own.”

“Let's keep it with you. When I want to eat, I will come to you.”

After saying that, the cow walked off.

In the afternoon, the duck came.

“Hello pig, I heard you gave garlic chives to cow,” she said.

“Yes. Here, you can take some to grow. It is not hard, just put it in the ground and it can grow on its own. When you are hungry, you can eat it,” I said.

“No, pig. I just want to know if you have the garlic chives. It’s good you have it. Keep it with you. When I need food, I will come to you to eat it.”

After telling me, she took off.

Later on, the twin piggies arrived.

“We heard from cow and duck that you have garlic chives. Can you give us some? Our master gave us food but it was not enough,” they told.

“Yes of course. The garlic chives are easy to grow. Put it in the ground and it can grow on its own. Having it, you will no longer worry about not having enough food.”

“Well, thank you so much. We are too lazy to grow it, we just want to eat it. You are kind, so you grow it in your garden. When we are not full, we will come to you.”

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Death is rebirth

Caw, caw.

I opened the door.

“Hello, can I help you?”

Hearing my question, the crow shrank her eyes. “I come to take my rose apple,” she said.

“Oh, sorry. I forget. Wait a minute.”

I took the fruit then gave it to her.

“Are you okay?” Crow said.

I shook my head and sighed.

“What’s the matter?” 

“Well,” I said with a sad expression, “I just heard that Robert was dispelled from the farm. He is very old. I think he cannot make it outside. So, last night I prayed for him hoping that he will be better in his next life.”

“That old dog! He is not dead yet. He is sleeping under a kapok tree in the west,” she told before she took the fruit and flew away.

Following, I hurriedly got out of the house and walked to the west.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Is dog a friend or a slave?

Today, cow, duck and twin piggies came to visit my house.

While they were sitting outside, I prepared tea for them. When I brought the tea out, I heard them talking about Robert who was a dog in the next farm of twin piggies.

“What’s going on with him?” I asked.

“He was abandoned by his master yesterday,” cow said.

I was shocked to hear that, “What did he do wrong?”

“The evening before yesterday, there was a thief trying to steal a phone from his master when he was calling outside the house. His master struggled with the thief and called for his help, but he was late,” twin piggies said.

I shrank my eyes, “How long was he late?”

“About a few seconds.”

“Just a few seconds!” I unlocked my eyes. “Then he abandoned him?”

“Did the thief get the phone?” Duck asked.

“No, he didn’t. There were some neighbors coming out to help and the thief ran away,” twin piggies replied.

“Robert was late because he is old. I heard he arrived after the neighbors. The neighbors blamed him, they said he was lazy and not faithful to his master. They asked the master to abandon him and the master agreed,” cow said.

“It’s true.” Twin piggies nodded.

“Poor Robert.” I shook my head. “When he is energetic, they keep him. When he is old, they abandon him because he can’t work for them anymore.”

“Now, where is Robert?” Duck asked.

“We don’t know.” Twin piggies shook their heads.

It was a sad story; but at that time something popped into my head.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Crow doesn’t believe in human

Caw, caw.

I got out and put a rose apple on the table. As I was about to drop my body in the lounge, the crow bit the fruit in her beak and flew.

“Hey, where are you going?” I yelled.

The crow paused her wings on a branch of the tree in front of my house. “I’m going to eat it in the forest,” she told.

“Why don’t you eat it here?”

“I don’t want the noise to bother my meal.”

Hearing it, I understood what she meant.

“They don’t argue everyday,” I said.

“I don’t believe in humans. Their minds are not stable and their feelings are always up and down.”

After saying it, she put the fruit between her beak and flew towards the wood.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Unhappy night

Tonight I didn't feel very happy without a reason. 

I couldn't sleep though I forced my eyes to close. At last, I came out sitting in my lounge in the front yard.

It was dark blue and silent. However, thanks to the fireflies, they accompanied me through this lonely night.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Pig knows about human


Caw, caw. 

It was the second day that I had to pay a rose apple to the crow. Like the previous day, I put the fruit on the table in my front yard and while she was eating it, I laid in the lounge next to the table. 

Suddenly, a loud voice came out from the farm next to my house. 

“What’s it?” Crow asked. 

“It’s masters of duck are quarreling,” I said. 

The crow wagged her head a few times before she continued eating. Then the loud voice happened again and along with it there was a sound of BANG, causing the crow to jump.  

“What’s that?” She yelled. 

“Maybe a pot or another object that they threw from their house,” I said. 

The crow looked at me, “You aren’t surprised, are you?” 

I shook my head. 

“Why do they quarrel?” 

“Recently, I heard from my friends that their masters are meeting financial problems. Hence, I think the money is the cause of their quarrel today. It happened before. When they were having a problem, they argued with each other, then they threw things to release their anger. However, I am happy that they threw things outside, not to each other.” 

The crow shook her head, “Human life is not happy at all.” 

Then she carried on eating. BANG… 

“Hey,” she yelled with her eyebrows knotted, “I want to have a peaceful meal.” 

I chuckled, “You can’t if you stay near humans.” 

“Then I should go to eat on a tree in the forest.” 

After saying that, she put the rose apple in her beak then flew away.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

How pig earns money

“Hello everyone,” I said when I arrived at the pond.

“Hello,” they said in an unhappy voice.

“What's wrong?” 

They took a loud sigh.

“Who dies?”

“Perhaps all of us die,” they said.

I tried my eyebrows because I didn't understand.

“We heard our masters’ discussion. They said they are having financial problems. If this issue continues longer, they would probably have no ability to raise us.”

All of them sobbed.

“I see.” I wagged my head. “It's about money.”

“If I were a human, I would help my master find money,” cow said.

“Me too,” duck said.

“Us too,” twin piggies said.

“Ha ha…” I laughed. “If you were a human, why wouldn't you find money for yourself?”

“Right.” two piggies nodded.

“Let's imagine for fun,” duck said. “If we could transform to be a human, how could we find money?”

“If we don't have even a penny and we want money, there are two ways we can earn it,” I said.

“What's that?” All of them said.

“First, we go to work for the person who has money. Second, we take from nature.”

“I understand the first point, but the second point…” cow said.

“Nature includes sun, wind, land, water, trees etc. We can benefit from those things. For example, growing vegetables to sell, picking fruits to sell.”

All of them wagged their heads, “I see, I see.”

Friday, March 15, 2024

Pig protects himself

“Pig,” cow said, “I saw a dog house in your yard, but I never saw it. Is it inside?”

“Yes, he is inside,” I said. 

“Why don’t you call him to get out?” 

“I did, but he is shy, he doesn’t like to meet anyone because he is afraid of everyone mocking his body size.” 

“Is he big?” 

I nodded and told, “He isn’t big, he is so big” while my ears noticed a low pitch howling of a wolf from inside the jungle.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Crow needs loyal friend too

Caw, caw.

I opened the door and put a rose apple on a table in my front yard.

The crow flew to stand on the table and ate the fruit while I was laying in a lounge next to the table.

“Since I knew you, you are alone. Don't you have friends?” I said.

“I ever had it but now I don't have it and I don't want to have it,” crow said.


“Because they were my friends but I was not their friends.”

“Can you tell your story?”

The crow took the rose apple a few bites, then she told, “When we went to find food, they always asked me to get it. When I got it, we shared but they took more than half. One day, when I tried to steal food, the food owner saw and threw a stick at me. They didn't care about me, they flew away. I got injured but I tried to take the food and escaped. When we met, I told them I got a wound, they said it was my karma, if I didn't steal, I wouldn't get it. However they took the food that I stole and liked before they took more than half. After that accident, I decided to work alone.”

“I see.” I wagged my head.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Pig knows marketing too

“Duck is coming,” cow yelled. 

“Hello duck, why are you late?” Twin piggies said. 

“I was listening to my master and his daughter's discussion,” duck said. 

“Why are you interested in the matter of humans?” I said. 

“Because it sounded interesting,” duck said. 

“What did they discuss?” Cow asked. 

“His daughter said she and her team distributed the leaflet. However, the people refused to take it and some took it but then threw it into the dustbin,” duck said. 

“Oh pitiful,” cow and twin piggies said. 

“People won't be interested in the leaflet  unless it benefits them,” I said. 

All of them shrank their eyes, “What does it mean?”  

“Humans call it marketing. Giving leaflets is a way to tell the customers about their services. However, nowadays customers don't like to take leaflets, but if the company creates a leaflet which gives benefits to the customers, for example there is a discount coupon on the leaflet, it might be helpful.” 

“Wow pig, you are great,” all of them said. 

“No, I’m not. This idea I heard from my ex master,” I told.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

If you want to be safe


Caw, caw…

I opened the door and saw the crow was on a tree branch in front of my house.

“Hello crow, how are you doing?” I said.

“Everyday is the same,” the crow said.

“Steal food every day.”

The crow nodded, “Uh huh.”

“Well, can I ask you a question?”

“Yes you can but I can refuse to give an answer as well.”

“Sure.” I smiled. “I just want to know how you manage to live safely after you get the food.”

“This question I can answer but not free.”

“How much?”

“One apple a day and for seven days.”

“I have rose apples.”

“Deal.” She was silent for a few seconds then said, “If you want to live safely, don't let anyone, even people in your family, know what is the thing that makes you die.”

Monday, March 11, 2024

Don’t hope to become a rich

“Hello pig.”

“Hello cow. Come in,” I said and opened the gate for him. “You look not happy.”

“Yes,” he said and took a sigh. “I’m sad when I see my master is sad.”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Not him, his son.”

“What’s wrong with his son?”

“He is not happy with his life. He graduated from university, but he can’t get a job. Since he studied technology, he tried to build an app. Still no success.”

“Well, he will not be successful though he builds a satellite.”


“Because there were people who built it before him already. In short, in this era, unless you create something which is the newest, you will have a chance to call yourself a successful person or become rich.”

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Who is the most unsuccessful leader in the world

This evening, we were meeting at the lake.

“Did you hear our masters chatting?” Duck said.

“Yes, I did,” cow said.

“What did all your masters talk about?” I asked.

“They discussed who is the most unsuccessful leader in the world,” twin piggies said.

“Oh.” I wagged my head.

“And you? Who do you think is the most unsuccessful leader in the world?” Duck said.

“Well, I heard from my ex master. He said the most unsuccessful leader in the world is the Buddha,” I said.

All of them unlocked their eyes, “Why?”

“According to his history, he was a prince and he would be the emperor; but he gave up his throne, he gave up his comfortable life, he gave up his wife and his son, he gave up everything even his fine clothes and went to the forest to seek for way to get off the suffer. He did not only for himself or his family but also for the entire world. However, the human does not follow his instruction but turns to use his finding to gain benefit for themselves more and more.”

“But I think he has a lot of disciples and followers,” cow said.

“Correct,” twin piggies said.

“Well,” I grinned and said, “as an instance, the Buddha said ordinary people should not drink alcohol, but no one stops and turns to drink more and more. They drink and drink till the alcohol producers become millionaires. Talking about his disciples. When the Buddha was living, he didn’t ask for his room to be built with expensive or valuable materials or big. As well, wherever he went, he went on foot. During that time, it already had transportation, cow, horse, horse cart etc. However, he didn’t use any of it even though he went to far away places. But look at his disciples nowaday, they need a big room, their rooms are of special decoration and equipped with modern materials; as well they have luxurious cars. In addition, they run following a high position, they live their lives the same as ordinary people - seeking for money, title or position, and fame.” I took a long sigh. “From my point of view, he is not only an unsuccessful but also pitiful leader in the world.”

All of them carried a sad face after hearing my statement.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Pig waits for problem at home

“You usually stay in your house. Get out. Explore the world,” cow said.

“Correct.” Duck nodded. “Getting out of the house might give us troubles, but it makes us grow up, it makes us improve. So you should not fear troubles. Get out of your comfort zone.”

“Don't need to get out because troubles usually come to me though I stay in my house,” I said.

They unlocked their eyes, “Really?”

“Yes,” I claimed. “The wolf, the crow, and…” I didn't say but my eyes looked at them.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Pig loves to live on the earth

“Yesterday I heard my masters talking that humans are wanting to move to live on Mars,” duck said.

“I heard my masters say that too,” cow said.

“Our masters too,” twin piggies said.

“It means we are moving to live on earth. I’m so excited,” duck said.

“Me too,” cow and twin piggies said.

“All of you go. I'm staying here,” I said.

“Why?” All of them asked.

“Because Mars does not make us immortal. Furthermore, wherever humans are, there are troubles and there are fights. If everyone goes to live on Mars, it means the earth is safe and peaceful. So I better stay here,” I stated.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Pig doesn't need help

"Pig, do you have grass?” Cow said.

No, but In my backyard, there are garlic chives. They are long,” I said.

“I’m hungry. Can you give me some?”


After eating, cow told, “My master is not at home. He forgot to leave food to me.”

I wagged, “Uh huh, I see.”

“As an animal it is not easy. When humans don't give us food, we will suffer.”

“Why don't you make food by yourself?”

“We are animals. We have to have a master and our masters are human.”

“I think differently. I want to be a master of myself.”

“You are born smart.”

“No, man.” I shook my head. “Life teaches me.” 

“How can you do it?”

“Easy. Everyone in the world survives on food. I just thought of what food would survive me. Vegetables, of course. Then I grew them. Now they are all in my yard.”

Duck likes to grumble

“I really don’t like that, I really don’t like that,” duck said by the gate of my house. “What’s the matter?” I said and opened the gate for...