Friday, May 10, 2019

Just One Night Is Enough

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

In an elderly care center, there were many old people living there.
Preah Indra looked from the heaven and saw them. He felt sorry then he came to earth to them.
He met with the old people.
'I will fulfill your one wish. Please tell me what you want,' said Preah Indra
The elder were happy. Some asked for money; some asked for health; some asked for their kids take them back home; some asked for long age etc.
Only an old man asked from Preah Indra to have well sleep one night.
'You just want to sleep well only?' asked Preah Indra.
'Yes,' said old man.
'Why?' asked Preah Indra.
'I have lived for 70 years,' said old man. 'I spent time studying in school and universities. I was busy getting up early to reach school on time, do homework, play game, watch TV. I had less sleep. When I graduated, I worked. I was socialist. Go to bed late and get up early in the morning. When I married, my life became busy, more and more, to earn money to support family, play and take care kids etc. Moreover, I spent my days arguing with colleagues, friends, family, neighbors and others. There were a lot of tasks I did, a lot of problem I made, a lot of matters I solved. I haven't had full well sleep. Not even a night. So, I really want and need to have a well sleep, a true sleeping. No fear, no worry, no dream and no anything.'
'If so, why don't you ask for sleep well a month or till you die?' asked Preah Indra.
'If your heart say it is enough, it is enough,' said old man. 'It's what I have learnt from life.'
Preah Indra praised the old man. Then he granted old man to have just one night well sleep.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Ghost's Lipstick

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

It was already dark. It was 23:01.
Navy left office. She walked on quiet street to her flat about 500 meters from the office building.
The night was cold. The street was brightening by street lamps, enough to recognize things.
For 10 minutes, Navy stopped and looked around.
Why I'm here?
It was not road to her house.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Traffic Accident QA

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

Teacher : Who causes traffic accident?
Student : All drivers.
Teacher : Why?
Student : Because they want to help others.
1. They want police to have work to do, they don't want police to get salary for free.
2. When they got injure, they are sent to hospital and the doctors and nurse, also pharmacy/pharmacist will get income.
3. If their car or motor is broken, they need to bring their vehicle to repair shop then they will get income.
4. If car or motor is badly broken, they need to buy new one and this help the car or motor sellers to sell their product.
5. If they hit the street block, tree, pavement etc, the construction shop owner will have chance to sell their product; the construction workers will have work to do; the plant shop will sell their product. All of them will earn money.
6. If they lost their lives in accident, the family would make funeral at pagoda and the monk, the priest would be offered some money. Also, related stakeholders such as coffin shop, flower and funeral organizing shop etc. would earn profit.
Teacher : Please make conclusion.
Student : In conclusion, the drivers that cause accident are kind. Their action is significant and have great benefit for many people and society. Also, they participate in reducing poverty.

I Dreamt