Monday, November 29, 2021

"Tomorrow, I stop smoking," my late grandfather said, and he really did

Smokers like to say it is hard to quit smoking.

I don't think so. Because I have seen a sample.

My grandfather, when he was alive, was a smoker. Base on my memory, he did more than two packages a day.

Since I was young till I was about ten years old, I saw him smoke. I was told that he did smoking before I was born.

Not only him, my two uncle-in-law smoked also.

Three of them were told to quit smoking; the two uncles said they would try hard to quit; however, they failed, and they smoke till today.

But my grandfather was different.

When my uncle told him to quit smoking, he said, "Fine. Tomorrow, I stop smoking."


Everyone was surprised to hear that. All his kids did not believe. They said to him, "Don't force yourself. You can reduce step by step."

"No, I said tomorrow I'm going to stop smoking, and I'll do," my grandfather confirmed.

Actually, no one believed him, but they did not speak.

And yes, start from next day, I did not see him smoke - until he passed away.

Everyone is surprised to see that, even my two uncle in law; no one expects my grandfather to be strong like this.

My grandfather did not say he would reduce or try best to do; he said he quit, and he did it.

I witnessed my own eyes the legend of my grandfather when he determined to quit smoking. And I consider him as my idol or can say my hero. 

Because of this example, I don't think that quitting smoking is difficult. From my point of view, it's smoker, themselves, that does not want to quit. If their mind is high commitment, they can stop. But because they don't want to throw away the smoke food, that's why they cannot quit.

Well, it is hard to force someone to do what they don't want to do. However, I hold wish in my mind that people will understand the significance of stopping smoking. It is not only for them, but also for their family, their next generation, and human and the world. When they sense the importance of no smoke, then, I believe, they will stop immediately, without complain.

Please, everyone.. heal the people, heal the world - by no more cigarette smoke.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

4 activities to help you pass non-sleep night happily

I have been having trouble in sleeping. If the clock does not strike 3 or 4 in the morning, my eyes will not shut.

At first, I felt not well; I was angry; and in the morning, I was tired, and I had no good mood.

But after I change my point of view towards this kind of problem, I'm able to live with this new habit, with smile.

How can I survive within this new routine?

It is not easy, but it is not hard as well if you say that you can do it.

At opening, I look from another angle. I think that being not sleep at night is good because:

I am able to do exercise

I have to say in honest that I am lazy to do workout. So, I take this chance to do exercise. 

However, I don't do heavy workout. I just perform leg-up-to-the-wall pose. 

I choose this kind of exercise because it helps my waists, bone; moreover, it is late night, I don't want to cause any disturbing to other.

I do for fifteen minutes only.

I am able to recite Dharma

I am Buddhist.

Before, I was serious sick, then I was told to recite Dharma. After I practiced it, my illness was better and better.

When I was quite good, I went to work, and I did not have time to pray to the Buddha.

Hence, I take the night, when I don't sleep, to recite praying to the illustrated one.

Usually, I spend almost one hour.

I am able to do meditation

While I was healing disease with Buddhism way, I performed meditation too. 

Then I rarely did it because I was busy in job.

When I quit career and become self-employed, and when I have sleeping trouble, I have chance to practice it again.

This activity is good for the people that has to go to work in the morning too. You know, it will help you to maintain energy and mood. Even though you don't sleep at night, or you sleep only one or two hours, still in the morning, you will be well like you have four to six hours sleeping.

No need to practice like professional. Be simple.

You can choose between sit and sleep.

If you choose to sit, just sit cross leg, put right leg on left leg. Then set left hand on the leg and put right hand on your left hand. After, you close your eyes, and breathe in and out. Focus on your breath.. it is long, it is short. Perform this as long as you can.

If you choose to sleep, just sleep straight, and put your left palm on your stomach, then put your right palm on left hand. After that, close your eyes, then perform breath like mentioned above.

Sometimes, when I do meditation, I fall asleep.

I am able to listen to music

When I work, I ever listen to music. But I don't have time to concentrate on the meaning of the music/song.

Different from when I listen to it at night, I am able to enjoy with singer. I am able to get meaning of the song, aim of the song composer, rhythm of the music etc.

I find it is so romantic to listen to the song at night. Use low volume. Um, very relax.


Just these few things, I can pass the long night happily.

Try any of above activities. Or try all.

I bet you will find non-sleep night is not a problem anymore.

How I draw my eyebrow naturally

Everyone want to be pretty. Me too.

When I go out, people say my eyebrow is not good. Well, I think I should fix it.

But I don’t have money to go to salon, and I am not skilled in makeup. What should I do?

Nothing I can't do, if I say I can.

Even though my eyebrow is not perfect, but I can make it best.

Use my not professional skill.. to create beautiful eyebrow for myself.

First, I comb it to make it stay properly.

Then I use makeup brush with black shade powder of eye makeup to pat my eyebrow gently until I am pleased with it.


Okay, well done.

Thanks to myself.

You too. You can create eyebrow, the very best one for you by yourself.

Friday, November 26, 2021

3 Simple ways to find strongness and weakness to improve yourself

If you think of creating potential for your living, then you have to find your strong and weak point.

What is benefit?

When you know clearly about yourself, what you're good at, what you're bad at, what you should improve, what you should change etc. then you will be able to improve your living life, to reduce risk/problem to happen in your life that causes by human and nature.

You might think you know yourself. In this case, I cannot say you're right or wrong. However, whether you know or don't know about yourself, you can use following points to make sure and to make your living better - if you have met a lot of failures or your life does not grow up. And it does not make you spend dollars.

1. Find a psychic

It is considered a fun, as well, when you go to someone who can analyze your characteristic through mysterious cards. But I don't think you need to go to person. Nowadays, everything is online; so, use it.

Search for any site that can give you free of charge telling about your personality and characteristics - and I think it is best if you take birthday fortune.

Birthday is best thing to find your birth and natural characteristic, and it is at least correct about 60 percents.

After you get the telling, read it and take the content to consider carefully. Even the strong points and weak points and their advise, you need to take it and think.

You can compare the content and the advice with what you have been through. It is good source to indicate that you are on right way or you should change or not - and what things you should change.

2. Ask friends to give comment

If you want to be sure, more, especially related to your attitude, characteristic, then you can go to your friends. Not one, and don't go to two or four or six. It should be three or five. Make sure before you go that those friends can be trusted - mean they are people that can give you true words.

It is not easy to listen to someone criticize, but you have to endure if you want to improve yourself. Furthermore, listen only; don't give reason to each their comment. Listen until they finish, then take their comments to think.

Don't be angry or wish to revenge if your friends criticize you harshly or if you hear them say you are not good and next friend say you good. People might see about you differently. Therefore, try to be humble, kind, patient and wide mind. If you can listen to the harsh words with peaceful mind, then you can beat other hard work or problem in the future.

All critiques from your friends have to be taken and think carefully, and yes, don't forget analyze with the telling from physic. In addition, remind what you have done or gone through, then you can find out more data about yourself - strong and weak, good and bad.

3. Ask your family

Don't be shy or fear to ask more from your family members. Whether elder people or young people, you should ask them to talk honestly what they see about you.

Same as above.. try to listen carefully, patiently, and do not need to find excuse to correct yourself or to make them understand about you. If you listen and find out that any speech or action that they might misunderstand your intention when you had done to them, it means there will be any barrier that causes such matter to happen; therefore, try to find it and fix it.

Still like I already mentioned. Don't be angry, don't wish for revenge. And you have to put the comments together, from birthday predict, friends, and family, and consider. One more thing, use your present situation and what you have gone through to be indicator if you are on right path of life, use correct method in your living, etc.


Just these three ways, if you are successful person from the start, then this will give you light to more success. If you are usually failed, then you will be opened a door to be a better life - or if you are in trouble, it might be able to guide you to leave from the problem.

However, you have to edit the method following your own situation.

Don't be afraid to change.

Life is to learn. So, learn everything even pain and wrong choice.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Job Interview

It is short story that I had published on February, 01 2019. I hid it, now I decide to make it publish again.
Just to entertain the readers only, because these days, I cannot find topic to write; therefore, I check and I think I should show post that I have hid. 
Please enjoy.

written by Chakriya PHOU

In a company's room...

Interviewer : Hello, welcome to my company. Please show why I should hire you.
Interviewee : Because I have 3 qualifications.
Interviewer : What are they?
Interviewee : First, I speak honestly. Second, I share all knowledge/information. Third, if I do something wrong, I will accept my mistake.
Interviewer : Because of these 3 qualifications, I hope you'll find another job.
Interviewee : Why?
Interviewer : You speak honest, it means you are not flexible. You share info, it means you cannot be my confidant because you would tell other about my story. You accept your mistake if you do wrong, it means you don't know the art of living. I'm sorry, man. Good luck to you.
Interviewee : !!!

Monday, November 22, 2021

4 Steps to do simple eyes makeup

All of us were born pretty, but we are not perfect. However, we can fix it - by using makeup.

Because I have sensitive skin, I cannot makeup like other women. I rarely makeup; though, I love makeup, and I usually edit my face what I prefer to.

There are four steps to makeup my eyes.

Step 1

After I put powder on my face, for eye, I apply this color.

It is flesh color. Not dark and not bright. 

I love this one.

Just apply it around the eye.

Step 2

For me, perfect eye liner is the line that matches with my eye shape - right to my preference. I don't draw eye liner following expert or makeup skilled person, I draw what I like to draw, what makes me feel good with the shape and length; this gives me confidence.

So, to draw eye liner, I mess ink on my eye. This technique I've got after my liner pen's tip is ruined. Even though it cannot use like before, still I can make a good eye liner.

Step 3

After, I edit the line by using cotton stick to soak (little) in baby shampoo, then clean ink.

Baby shampoo can remove the ink well, and it does not harm my skin - but I have to be careful because it can make my eye burn if it touches inside my eye.

Step 4

Next, I apply dark color. It is not black, but very dark brown, and I like it because it gives my eye classy and good.


Later on, I can wear my glasses, and yes, it is my best simple makeup.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

7 Ideal words from Warren Buffett

There are many world billionaires, but I am so interested in Warren Buffett - because he usually teaches wonrderful words.

I fall in love with his teaching related to how to be successful, and now I am so attracted to how to be a really successful person.

He says a lot, but I select only few, those that are right to my mind.

I love him when I see he says:

1. Work job that you love

2. Work with people that you love to work with

3. Say 'no' to any request or opportunity that does not give value to you

4. Build friendship, not build network

5. When you cannot manage your mental, how can you manage your business - he advises to give enough time to family.

6. If you work for money, then you don't get money - he is telling to not giving big important to money.

7. Success is related to 'Time'.


I want to say you are awesome, Mr. Warren Buffett.

Thanks for giving wise words.

It is not about how to be successful in career, but also in (life) living. Hence, it is not successful, it is really successful.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Cambodian telegram users are meeting scammers

Telegram is becoming popular among Cambodian users in 2021.

During these few month, there are news related to scammer on telegram.

Through sharing posts on facebook, names of some people, specially famous person, are used in ill purpose of unknown.

According to victims, their names and photos are taken from their social media and used to create an account on Telegram, then send message to other users to borrow money, to ask to join their program, to click link etc.

The owners of names are reported by friends or people who know them. Because they are friend, so they have each other's phone number. When they find same name, same photo, but different phone number, they call to make sure, and the owner of name is shock to hear.

This kind of matter is still happened, and now, people in Cambodia become aware of problem, and they begin to take caution. Some stop using telegram. Some block phone number. Some hide photos in social media account etc. If they still use system, they will not respond or click any link that is sent by new account. 

The trouble is not big yet. But it is a worried issue.


Technology is good, but human instead uses in evil way - to cheat, to take benefit for their own pocket.

Though, whether online or offline, please be careful. Don't share your personal information. If you receive message with suspicious content, even from someone you know, you should confirm first by calling to personal or home phone. Furthermore, please don't make your image of your social media public. Give permission to your friend or specific friend. With this, you can protect from scammer who would like to defile your name. 

Take care, everyone.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

4 childish activities help your mind to concentrate

Allow me to tell you the four activities of child, in Cambodia, that can make your mind relax and help your mind to be focused.

These kind of acts I played when I was in high school.

Until today, sometimes, I play it also.

It's a kind of fun, safe, and secure. Moreover, it can be played alone, at home.

1. Cross and circle

In Cambodia, we call it 'croix'.

It is a happy venture that I and my classmates liked to play during break time. Even at home, I played with my sibling.

Now, I play it, but I play alone.

It is very interesting when you combat with yourself. It's very very impressive. Amazing feeling you will got when you select this kind of activity. It makes your mind, eyes, and brain work at same time, and the way to end to find winner is very long.

I bet you will like it and it does not need special material. Just a paper - it is best if you use book paper that has lines - and a pen. After, start your battle. 

2. Throw ball

Well, this kind of thing looks like for teenager or adult.

This one can be found in sport center. Buy it, then you can play inside or outside your bedroom.

I am right-hand, but mostly, I use left hand when I play this. I choose to do like this because I want to make balance between my two arms/hands. And when I sport with my left hand, I feel new and it makes me excited and fun.

3. Tres

I don't know what to call in English. In Cambodia, we call it 'tres'.

It's a venture for girl.

This one is not easy like you see.

To play this activity, you have to find ten chopsticks (or you can use drinking straw instead) and a lemon. 

You hold chopsticks in your fist, then throw them on the floor, but gently. After, you throw lemon up - during that, you take a chopstick then catch up the lemon in same hand that you get the chopstick. Repeat until you take all ten chopsticks. After, you level up by throw the lemon, and take two chopsticks. And you have to advance until level ten.

There is an extra level, make chopsticks as pig cage, then take chopstick one by one, without ruin the cage.

I know it is very hard to understand; I will make video and show you next time. Then you can try yourself.

And if you want to get special feeling, use left hand. If you are left-hand, then use right hand. I guarantee that you will have an amazing time.

4. Octopus

In Cambodia, we call this 'octopus'.

It's also a fun project for girl.

This activity cannot be played in your room. It should be in yard. Yes, not first floor.. only ground floor because you have to jump and if you play it upstairs, then you will cause, DANG, DANG, DANG.

Just draw like in picture on the ground. Then find yourself an object; it can be a stone, flat and small.

Two boxes that stay underneath are called 'stairs' - first stair, second stair. Next, we call 'below-wings'; there are right below-wing and left below-wing. Then it is called 'neck'. After, it is another wing, 'above-wings,' and there are right above-wing and left above-wing. The round upper one is called 'roof'. 

Rule to remember:

  • Stair and neck is to jump one leg.
  • Wing is to jump two legs.
  • Roof cannot be jumped in.
You have to throw object to any box to start the game.

For example : you throw stone to first stair, then you have to jump to second stair, but standing on one leg, then you jump to below wings by separating your feet to stand in wing's boxes. Next, you jump to stand one leg in neck box, then jump with separating feet again. After, rotate your body, and repeat the jumps in reverse. When you reach second stair, you pick up the stone from first stair with your one standing leg, then jump.

Throw stone again. If you target below left wing, then you jump to stand in each stair with one leg, and jump to stand in right wing with one leg too - because left wing has stone, you cannot step in it. 

When you come back and stand in right wing, pick up the stone and move on until you finish the stairs.

In case you throw stone to roof, don't throw it out the border line. To get stone in roof, you have to rotate your face to leave the roof behind your back, then sit down and enlarge hand to behind to search for the stone.

If you want to entertain big, you can draw cross line in any box, but not the roof - and that box cannot be stepped in.


You might feel a shame to play these undertakings, especially, tres and octopus. You think you cannot do because you are not a kid, and people might laugh at you if they see. 

But I want to tell you, these activities are very good, not only for your mind but also for your body. It makes you move; it is like sport. It is so great. It gives you fun and make you do exercise at same time. 

Don't be shy to do it

Like I tell, it is very good for you, both metal and physical.

Try any of these above ventures, then you will find wonderful moment in your day.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

How to screenshot on laptop

A low tech like me.. well.. to learn one thing related to technological device, I spend one or two years.

Though, I never give up.

I learn and learn and I keep learning...

Like this article of mine shows about how to screenshot on laptop. For young and IT people will find it is boring and it is not new, but for people that does not know about technology, same as me, it is very good.

There are two ways to do screenshot image on the laptop.

1. Use keyboard if your laptop is new model

This technique, my colleague told me.

It is easy.

Press Window Key and hold it.

Then press prt sc sysrq. In one second, it will give a flash that you can notice on laptop screen.

Screenshot images mostly go to Pictures folder.

2. Use PDF print if your laptop is old model

I have tried; some laptop is not available with above technique. However, I have searched by myself, then I found the way.

First, open any site you want to take photo.

Then go to above right side and click on Open Application Menu.

After, search for word Print.

It will show a box. Choose Adobe PDF. Later on, you can select or edit setting to get your want image, such as portrait or landscape, color or non color background etc.

When you finish, click Print at bottom, then it shows Folders in your laptop that you can choose to store it and also name of image.

Well, you have to note that this technique can screenshot only work for taking image of online browser.


That's all for my article.

Let's meet next.


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

After the rain ruined my balcony garden

It took me about three months to create a garden in balcony. 

I have spent my time, my strength, my love to take care of the plants even a grass. 

But in a night of heavy rain and strong wind, my garden becomes a mess.

Outsider might feel nothing, but for me, I feel exhausted and it's like I lose. I lose. Or maybe I am a loser. I don't know, but I feel like this.

I don't have strength to do anything. I don't have mood to write.

Before, I cared so much. I tried hard day and night to find article, now, I don't care if yaya idea has view or not.

I don't clean, just rise pots that fall to stand up, then I take a shower and go out with my sibling.

I go to mall. 

I go to massage for one hour. During massage, I drink hot ginger tea; I sleep on sofa and allow my feet to be press. A kind of relax.

After, I go to park before the mall. I take photos of what I see. Mostly, I take photos of tree or nature, not human. 

Suddenly, a huge rain drops. I don't get in. I stay under roof and take photos of the view during raining. I feel a peaceful when I'm taking photograph. I don't hear or see anything besides object in front of me, things that I want to have images to store in my phone memory.

You can see below.

I bet you don't understand why I take these photos; moreover, they are not pretty or standard photo, but I love all these; this is the best in me and I am proud of myself.

It cannot heal my mood one hundred percent, but at least, I find one or two topic to add to my yaya idea.

Life is to struggle.

I know.

Okay. Let's go forwards.

Monday, November 8, 2021

My idol tree on November, 05 2021

It is many days.

I take a chance to see my idol tree.

It is still living in same locale with root out of soil, stick with cement wall.

Just this time, I see its leaves become less.

Well, I think because it is old now, or perhaps there is no enough sun light because this is raining season.

When I see the idol tree, I feel released from heavy pressure and stress related to living a life in the world. 

There is no success and there is only failure more and more. Still, I make myself look like my idol tree. Whether there is light or not, I go forwards.

Give myself up.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

6 types of friend I don't stay close to

Friend is person involving in my life besides family.

Before, I had many friends. I liked to make friend. But after painful experiences, I change myself. 

I don't want to make new friend, and I don't mind to bye bye friends that I am having if I find them are not worth for me to give my heart of friendship.

Mostly, I will go away if:

1. they are nigh life person

I don't like going out at night. I enter home before the sun sets. 

Some of my friends like to hang out at night. They call me; I refuse; they laugh at me, they say I should live in pre-history of human.

I don't mutter, but I list their name in 'not-friend box'.


Usually, most of them go to drink or go to club, and they never return home if the clock does not strike 12am. Driving at night is very dangerous. Not only traffic accident but also other problems.

In my opinion, staying with such friend will cause me trouble one day. I don't pause friendship with them, but I make a gap; it is for my safety and my happiness.

2.  they live with shopping

There are friends, especially ladies, like to call me to accompany them to do shopping. Not one hour nor one day, but everyday and from morning till night.

They like buying, they like spending and they have money to spend. But I don't have money to spend. Even though they pay for car petrol, drink and food, still I am not feeling well. 

They walk, they buy - they get what they want. Me, I gain nothing.

In my opinion, be with such friend is a kind of wasting my time. Therefore, I have to stay away from them - to have time for doing my works.

3. they don't support me

I ever met such friend. 

It is very strange, they are my friend, but they never like anything about me.

They don't like my writing. They don't click like or comment my social media post. They don't believe what I say. 

But they like other writing. They click and comment all their post. Moreover, they believe all they say. Moreover, they praise other's work and criticize my writing, they force me to click like their idol's social media account/post; if I don't, they will blame me through messenger or speech face to face.

There are more than that.

I don't mind if they don't like everything about me, but they should not raise other up and step on me.

Making friend with that kind of person is very stressful. I will be a psycho if I continue with them; so, run.

4. they are my friend when they want my help

If we are friend, we should keep in touch. But some friends don't act like this. They don't think I am their friend, they don't phone or send message to me, they don't call when they see me in market or in public place.

But when they need information for their career, they contact me. When they want guest for their ceremony, such as wedding, they don't hesitate to make calling.

Before I was soft heart, I did not mind to tell anything I knew and attended all their program, but now, no way. If any friend does not contact me for long time, then they call me to join their party, I will tell them directly that I don't join.

I do to show them that I don't like their behavior and I don't want to be their friend. I want to tell that I am not stupid anymore.

5. they pretend to be caring to get secret to talk behind

This type I have met a lot.

They behave they are so caring about me.

"Are you fine?"

"Are you sad?"

"What's happened?"

"Tell me. Don't hide. It's not good for your health." etc.

After I tell, they take my story to tell other people and they add and they paint. It is a scary to have such a friend.

Because of experiences, nowadays, I am so cautious. I don't say anything about myself out even it is big problem and heavy like mountain on my chest.

There is a proverb saying 'It is not a secret if it's known by three people'; for me, 'it is not a secret anymore if it's known by two people'.

6. they don't want me to be richer than

After no meeting for many years, I am so excited to see face of my friend; but it turns to make me upset.

My friend catches my hand to check if I wear watch or ring. If I have, they will ask about price. If my thing is more expensive than theirs, they express unhappy face. If my jewelry is same price, they are not happy as well. But if my property is cheaper than theirs, they will extend their lips widely, and they will mock me.

I don't want this kind of person to come into my life. Hence, after meeting, I don't call or accept calling from them anymore.


Mostly, I don't get anything from friendship; only trouble, stress, sadness, anger.. no good thing.

Because of the experiences, I don't believe in people. I don't accept friend easily. I protect myself every minutes when I meet with human.

Having bad friend is bad luck. So, stay away, then it is a good luck.


I take photos to be theme of my video slide

I have youtube channel talking about public administration; the video is Khmer language. My video is using presentation style. I use Microso...