Sunday, February 4, 2024

Chef has to cook

We wanted to have a picnic at the lake and we were discussing food we should cook. Cow and duck were arguing while the twin pigs and I were listening.

“I want to be the chef,” cow said.

“No, I should be the chef,” duck said.

“I should be, not you,” cow said.

“No, I should be,” duck said.

Feeling strange about their argument, I decided to ask, “You want to be a chef, so you will cook, won't you?”

“No,” cow and duck said at the same time, “I want to be the chef but you are the cook.”

I opened my eyes, “Why me? Two of you want to be the chef. Why don't you cook?”

“I just want to be the chef, but I don't want to cook. You have to cook.”

After hearing two of them say, I shook my head, “Who wants to be the chef is the cook. If the chef doesn't cook, let's go home.”

No one said anything. Then the picnic was canceled.

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