Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Girl Sang Happy Birthday

written by Chakriya PHOU

I have heard people singing happy birthday to you, but I found a girl on the seashore, she was singing happy birthday to me.
It was a late evening. The sun already disappeared behind the sea-hill but the sky was not yet dark. That girl was picking shell. She had no shoes. She wore gown with knee length. There were dust and mud marks on her dress. She had short hair. I could not see her face clearly (because the sky became dark) but I could see she was smiling.
She sat on the sand and put the shells around her. Then she sang the song :
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to me...
After that she put her hands together and closed her eyes. I heard she whispered :
'I wish all of you rest in peace.'
She opened eyes. She sat there about 5 minutes then she picked all the shell, hold them in hands and walked away.
I asked a lady nearby, she was owner of drinking store at the sea. She told me that the girl came here once a year. She did the same thing every time she came, picking up the shells, singing happy birthday to me and wishing them to rest in peace. The lady said she ever had family, parents, brothers and sisters, but 3 years ago, all of them died in car accident and only her was survived. She was helped to go to orphanage in the town.
Oh, poor girl!
My heart was breaking when I heard her story. I asked the name of the girl and where the orphanage. Then I headed toward the orphanage.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Love is Nothing

written by Chakriya PHOU

Everyone has different definition about love.
Some defines love as important thing. Some defines it as needed thing. Some defines it as natural thing etc. Me, I think love is nothing.
It became useless to me when I had met a man.
He was the one who made me smile. He was the one who gave me happiness. And he was the one who made me hurt so so.
I can still remember how the bitterness I tasted when he broke my heart. I become scared of love and I really hate love.
Then I don't need love anymore. And I think I will never and ever need love.

I Dreamt