Wednesday, October 30, 2019


written & illustrated by Chakriya

She is just a girl.
She has no family, lives alone in a house in a forest.
One evening, she hears people crying. She goes to see. In the middle of forest, a group of people are gathering around the fire. There are old people, adult, young and kid. They are crying for they are hungry.
She feels sorry for them. She goes back to her house. She goes to take bread, fruit and water from her kitchen and puts into basket. She leaves the house for forest.
She holds lamp in her hand. She walks slowly. She is scared of darkness. She never left house when the sun set, but today she breaks her habit in order to save people.
As she reaches them, she gives food to them. They are very happy.
She leaves for her home. There is a strong wind making old branch falling on her. Fortunately, she falls into hole at the same time the branch falls on her; she has no injury. The tree branch covers the hole way that she cannot leave the hole. She calls for help. Where she is is near the spot of group people living but they don't hear her calling because they are celebrating party with her given-food. They sing and they dance.
She stays in hole. Crying. It is dark. The lamp was falling from her hand and the light was removed. Now, she cannot see anything. She is scared for she cannot see in the darkness. She cries and cries. For a while. When tears touch her hands, she feels the coolest of them and the cool gives strength to her. She gets up and tries to reach the hole mouth, uses her hands pushing the branch. The branch is heavy. She cannot push it out.
'But I can move it away from the hole mouth.'
She says then she does it. Step by step. The branch is removed, gives the way with size enough for her to leave.
She gets out of the hole. She is glad but she has still obstacle. The darkness. She cannot see the way to her house but she has to go. She uses hands finding way for her. Then her foot touches something. Cling. Cling. This sound is familiar. She lowers body down and touches the thing. She touches it.. it is her lamp. She is happy. She brings it up and lights it on. Good. She gets light now. She can see now. Here, that is way to her house. She runs on it. She reaches home. She gets in, locks the door. She is happy and she feels safe as she is in her home.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Man Was Taking Photograph

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

One evening, I went to Olympic Stadium to exercise walking with my friend. We walked about 1 hour then we separated for our own home.
My house was near so I walked. In general, the people there, closed the door and stayed inside house. The whole street was quiet. Only me walking over path.
Along the way, there was a spot. Before it was flat but now it was under construction, the flat was removed remaining the empty land.
When I approached, I saw a man was holding cell phone standing before the spot. Looking at his action, I thought he was taking photo or video of the construction. I walked without care. As I passed him, I felt coldness from direction of his standing. Also, I felt weird and got good flesh. The weird feeling made me decreased the walking speed and looked to that man. He stood showing back to me. He wore sky blue color T-shirt and black pants. I did not see his cell phone model clearly. He behaved normally. I thought it was not about him, it was about myself; perhaps I was not well. Thought like this made me released. I turned my face to the path but then I found something. When I was turning my face from him to the street I was walking on, my eyes met his legs. I opened eyes big as I saw his pants without leg or feet. How could he stand if he did not have leg? The cold wind came again. I got it. It was about me, it was true about him. He was not human. I was pretty sure, he was ghost. I increased walking speed to leave there fast. When I was far about 10 meters, I turned my head back. Actually, I did not know why I did that. I was scared.. I wondered myself too why I turned head to see the ghost. Well, I thought perhaps it was that ghost man. He wanted me to know. He wanted to tell me that I was correct he was ghost.
When I turned my face to look behind, there was no one.
I nodded my head and turned face back. I increased the walking speed then I ran. I felt safety when I reached home. I locked the gate quickly and came into house. My family was watching TV. I did not say anything, just took shower and had dinner normally.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


written by Chakriya PHOU
illustrated by Ath Sok

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Neang living in a village with her father.
Neang was the prettiest girl in the village. She engaged with a man.
One day, her father fell sick. She called doctor to see her father. The doctor said she should take him to see doctor in city. Moreover, she needed to be hurry because his illness got more serious. After the doctor left, Neang went to her fiancé house to ask him for help. Her fiancé said to her that, 'Your father is old. Even we bring him to see doctor, perhaps he could not live longer. So, don't waste money on him.'

Sunday, October 6, 2019

If You Are Brave

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

It was before year 2000.
Tom planed to start business in Phnom Penh. Because his work was related to history, he chose to rent a flat near the genocide museum, Tuol Sleng. The flat was at first floor. It had veranda. It was both office and staying-place.

I Dreamt