Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Ghost In Hotel

written & designed by Chakriya PHOU

This happened when I traveled to Battambang province for business trip.
I went with my business partner. We booked a big hotel in the province for one night. My room was next to his room.
At night, I was falling asleep. The room was quite cold. It was dark, for I switched light off.
I was sleeping on bed, covered my body with warm blanket.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Golden Fur Heron

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU

There was a heron living at a pond. Heron had golden fur which could double amount of thing. The heron gave its golden fur to lion, rat and ant. Each got one fur.
One day, the heron fell sick. Golden fur became normal fur. Furthermore, fur fell off of heron's body.
Three animals heard.
Ant thought it was small so it should better helped itself.
Lion thought it was kind enough that it did not eat the heron.
Only rat brought rice to feed heron everyday until the heron got well. When the heron was well, it got back its golden fur. It gave lots of golden fur to rat before it flew away.
As Lion and ant knew that the heron had golden fur, they ran to ask but they could not meet a sight of heron. They went back home sadly.
For rat, it lived happily afterwards.

God Mother Heaven

written & photographed by Chakriya PHOU

I have parents and I have heaven as my god mother.
She never appears but I know she is with me. She encourages me, she comforts me, she teaches me via dream.
When I am sad, she gives me dream of green grass field and beautiful flower.
When I am angry, she gives me dream of lotus.
When I am scared, she gives me dream of sword.
When I am helpless, she gives me dream of flying.
When I am sick, she gives me dream of food.
I never feel lonely as I have her beside.
One day, I am hopeless. Then I have dream of walking through water.
When I awake, I am nervous. She does not stay with me. Where is she going? Is she leaving me? What should I do?
I wish she comes back. I hope she will come back. But no. She disappears. I cry. How can I survive when I don't have her to give me dream.
I continue dreaming of walking in water. It becomes bigger and bigger and deeper and deeper day by day.
I always cry when I got up.
I feel hopeless. I want to get rid of myself, but I don't know how. I decide to read books to find way to take life. But in contrast, I find way to make myself happy, peaceful, brave, strong and well, from the books.
I am very glad. I don't need to dream anymore.
Many years pass, god mother comes back. She shows only her voice, in my dream, from the sky.
'My dear god daughter,' said god mother, 'I am very proud of you. A little girl that always hid within the dream now become grow up person. I am very please that you don't rely on me anymore. My dear, you are right that you make up your true world, not dream world. Move forwards. I won't give you dream anymore. Even though, I don't stay beside you, but be aware that I never leave you alone. I am you. You are me.'
Then I wake up. And I smile.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Why I Cry

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU
When I cry, no one comfort me. I have to wipe my tears myself.
When I cry, I cry alone. No one beside me.
When I cry, my eyes hurt. But I don't know how to stop as the tears come out more and more.
I want to find way to stop crying. Not for a moment but for whole life. Can I?
Sometimes, I don't cry in real life, I cry in dream. Then the tears come out from my eyes, make me awake at late night. I have no choice. Get up and cry.
Why do I cry?
Why do I have to cry?
The questions are always in my heart. I cannot find answer.
I ask people. Some say it is natural. Some say don't care. Some say it is way to release pain. Some say it is normal.
Those answers aren't correct to me, but even though I thank them for giving me such answers, at least they give me some ideas.
I will try my best to find answer for myself. Why I cry.

I Dreamt