Monday, June 28, 2021

First Job Interview Real Experience


In 2006, I applied for receptionist post in an international school, located in Phnom Penh.

And now, I wish to show the interview script at that time, based on what I remember.

After, I've got short list, I was called to attend first interview.

The interviewer was a Khmer lady, and she was manager of the school.

I : interviewer

M : me

In the interview room...

I : Can I interview you in English?

M : Yes.

I : Okay, then start. Hello, I am manager of the school. Now, please introduce yourself.

M : My name is Chakriya. I graduated from university, major in English. I live in Phnom Penh.

I : That's all?

M : Yes.

I : I have looked through your CV. You don't have work experience. Well, how you know about job announcement?

M : I saw it on job website.

I : I see. So, you are still studying?

M : No, I graduated.

I : Well, if you become our staff, you have to work on Saturday too.And you have to take 3 months probation first.

M : (nod)

I : I don't ask you much because you don't have work experience. How much salary do you want?

M : USD 80.

I : Okay, I will take your CV to take consider. I need to discuss within our team. And you will have to attend second interview.. with my boss. What time and day are you available?

M : I'm free. I don't work.

I : So, you don't apply for another job?

M : No, only this school.

I : Fine.. then my team will call you.. after we have discussion.

M : Thank you.

I : Thanks, good bye.

M : Good bye.


I passed and went to second interview. The interviewer was American man. He was founder of the school.

I : interviewer

M : me

I : Hello, nice to meet you.

M : Nice to meet you.

I : You apply for receptionist.

M : Yes.

I : You don't have work experience.

M : No.

I : You graduated?

M :  Yes.

I : But no job.

M : Not yet.

I : So, this is your first job?

M : Yes.

I : I see. Then can you tell me why you apply for working in our school?

M : I want to work in office. When I studied in university, I learnt subject related to office work, so I want to work in this field.

I : Well, tell me why I should hire you? You don't have experience.

M : Even though, I don't have work experience, but I studied related to administration, it does not mean I don't know anything. I just need a place to practice.

I : What is your plan in next 5 years?

M : I want to go around the world and write what I have seen and known.

I : (chuckle) It means you cannot work here for long. If I hire you, I may need to find new staff in few years later. 

M : 5 years is long.. and it is my plan only. I cannot guarantee that I can accomplish my wish in 5 years. Like you know.. traveling is needed much money.. I need to work to save money in order to get my wish.

I : (nod) You want USD 80 per month?

M : I will discuss within my working team and we will inform you later.

I : Yes.

M : Well, have you applied another job?

I : No, only your school.

M : Good, then thank you for coming.

I : Thanks.

And the result is I passed and became receptionist at the school.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Personal experience to increase blog view

I am writer and blogger from Cambodia.

I cannot say I am successful in this career - because I gain less traffic of view.

But I know there are writers/bloggers around the world that meet situation like I do, so I want to show my experience, hope it will help the same fate people.

My blog starts from zero view, nowadays, I've got about ten views a day. For me, it is very great success.

In order to gain this ten views, I have spent for almost one year and used a lot of assisted-sites.

My method is, after I write, to share my article on:


I have Facebook account and page, and I share on both of them. 

My audience from Facebook account is my friends. Friendship can be an effective weapon to get success in any career or business. At least, two of my friends will click to read my article, then I gain two views after I post article ten minutes.

Facebook page is a place I meet with people I don't know. It cannot give big success, but at least, I can gain view. Perhaps one view after sharing three days.


I share on this site too.

Tweet daily or at regular time can give number of view and it will increase days by days.


This site is good to share article also. I share on it after I post article on my site. Sometimes, after I post. Sometimes, one or two days later.

I notice, at least, one member clicks to read my article.


I bet people know about this site. 

It is good place to share the blog-post. If you have many connections, then you can gain much view.


For Cambodian people, they know less about this site. I met it by chance, and I decided to become member of it and yes, it helps my number of view growing.

These are sites that I have used.

Like I mention in above, it is my own experience and situation in Cambodia.

If you want to gain views, you have to read many articles then you have to think and do base on your own situation and location.

Thanks for reading.

See you next.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Pansit Pansitan

This plant grows in back yard of my house, in a pot.

It grows by itself, naturally.

I ever heard this plant can be fried with beef.

Because it is small and it has no many, hence, I cannot cook it yet. Wait until it grows and becomes large amount, then I will pick it and fry it with beef.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Jian Juon


In Cambodia, we call it Trey Jian Juon, mean fried fish with red bean paste.


- Fish

- Ginger (slice)

- Red bean paste (sweet)

- Garlic

- Oil

- Sugar

How to cook

- Clean fish and fried, then put it on plate

- Mince garlic

- Put pan on heat, put oil then put minced garlic

- After, put sliced ginger

- Next, put red bean paste

- Put sugar (even it is sweet, still it is salty) then taste

- When it is cooked, pour it on fried fish

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Wax gourd soup with pork



- Wax gourd, 1 big (if small, use 2 or 3)

- Pork soft bone, 1 or 2 bone

- Culantro, few leaves

- Spring garlic, 1 

- Salt

- MSG (option)

How to cook

- Clean all of ingredients

- Cut wax gourd into pieces

- Cut pork soft bone into pieces

- Cut culantro and spring garlic, average size

- Put water into pot and boil until cook, then put pork soft bone into the pot

- When it cook, put salt (and MSG); taste it

- Then put wax gourd, culantro and spring garlic 

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