Friday, July 30, 2021

3 Things to reduce arousal

Food and drinks that we eat daily, some of them are to burn feeling, and some are to reduce it.

Nowadays, people rely on the health science. They use medicine to cure the illness, both physical and mind. 

In the past, people relied on food, natural plant/herb, or/and house remedy to treat the body/mind trouble they were having. Cambodian, as well, had own ways to treat or protect their health.

There are three things that I have heard Cambodian people in the past use to prevent the sex feeling to grow inside body, especially when their daughter or/and son became teenager.

1. Coconut juice

This kind of juice is used in the past to treat fever. It is called, 'cold water'.

So, besides to cool down the temperature caused by the fever, it is also used to calm the burn feeling inside body. Drinking coconut juice frequently can cool the emotion, to not get much arousal.

2. Soybean milk

It is considered as energetic drink, also the cold water.

Man is advised to drink warm soybean milk in the morning. It helps them to gain energy, but it does not increase the sex feeling.

3. Tofu

Some people don't like soybean milk, so they use tofu instead. Steam tofu is very good and works as same as soybean milk; it gives energy to body, but at same time, it reduces the arousal.

These three things work with both man and woman.

However, it cannot be used everyday, and you cannot have it without eating other. 

Try to eat everything, healthy food and drink - just add one or two of these things into your diet.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

6 Benefits of kaffir lime

Kaffir lime can be found in Cambodia.

This kind of fruit has several benefits for health and beauty, and house.

It can be used to:

Eliminate smell

It helps reduce the bad smell in car or in room. Plus, it brings natural smell to the space.

For people that is allergic to car perfume can use this fruit; it helps a lot.

Just cut into thin slices, then put in the car/room, close the door. Keep it for one or two hours.

Help flu

When you are getting flu, you can warm your feet with the kaffir lime in.

First, you have to cut it into slices, then put them in hot water. Keep until the temperature is lower, then you can warm your feet.

You can use it as facial steam remedy as well. It helps your face to be fresh, also it helps your nostrils to breathe better.

Eliminate body odor

Yes, you can use it to eliminate your body smell.

Use a few of slices of kaffir lime then rub your body skin gently.

However, it should not be used often. Just once in a week is good.

Prevent book from termite

If your house has books or paper materials, then your house will be target of termites. In order to prevent, you can use kaffir lime.

Take few kaffir limes - if your books are a lot, you should use five to ten fruits - then cut them into pieces and set them around the books, especially where close to the wall.

Protect from snake

In Cambodia, people like to grow this fruit around the house. They believe that it can protect snake to come into house. 

Skin care

Some people make kaffir lime oil then use it on skin to remove the dark spot.

Some use its oil to shampoo, and some believe it can grow the hair.

Not only fruit, but also leaf. Its leaf has benefit too.

Cambodian uses kaffir lime in cooking, especially in fish sour soup; this kind of food helps reduce the smell of the fish.

The leaf can be put into hot water for facial steam or warm the feet.

It can be used to prevent termite or snake, but we have to change it frequently for its smell cannot stay longer.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Book receiving list sample

The following is the sample of book receiving list that I have created for the library or community library to use when they received books from contributor such as writer or/and book publisher.

You can see detail explanation in the video.


Book Receiving Name List

Received from :

Address :

Phone :

Email :

Name and Signature of Contributor       Name and Signature of Receiver

Date :                                                             Date :

Sample in Khmer Language

Friday, July 23, 2021

4 things Cambodian use when they are with a burn

In Cambodia, housewife is person that easily to have a burn. Mostly, she has the burn because of hot water, hot oil and heat-pot. It is not easy to find someone to help because she always stays in house alone. Therefore, she has to find fast way to treat her wound. And it is home remedies.

In case, it is minor, the burn can be treated at home by using remedies that are storing in the house.

First thing the person with burn has to do is to clean with normal water. Later, they can use remedy.

There are four types of home remedies that Cambodian usually use.


It is fast to find and to use. It is cool. It helps reduce the burn.


This thing is told by doctor.. but some people don't have in home. So, it can replaced by cold water, still it is not good like the ice.

Fish sauce

It is can only be found in few countries of Asean.

Fish sauce is a combination of salt and water. The elder people in Cambodia recommend this. It is used in the past to treat the burn - for in the past, Cambodian did not have/use toothpaste and ice.

There is a telling that fish sauce can reduce pain from the burn and to prevent scar on the skin.

One thing to note if you use fish sauce.. if you are with the face burn, you have to be careful your eyes when you apply the fish sauce. It makes your eyes hurt.


It is sibling of fish sauce.

Salt is believed to be good remedy to treat the burn. Its power is same as fish sauce. Reduce the burn pain, and prevent scar.

Like fish sauce, it can hurt your eyes. So be careful if you use salt to treat your face burn.

Fish sauce and salt are burn treatment home remedies that older Cambodian have recommended. They are not in scientific record. But it is effective. I experienced myself. It is really good. However, these can be used in case of minor injury. You have to go to see doctor if you are with big burn.


There are two types of fish sauce in Cambodia.

One is fish sauce made by salt and water, we call original fish sauce. Another one is a creation by using original fish sauce mix with sugar, chili, lemon juice.

The fish sauce that can use to treat a burn is original fish sauce.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Donation book list sample

The following is the sample of donation book list that I have created for the author or book publisher to use when they donate books to library or community library.


Donation Book Name List

Name : 

Address :

Phone :

Email :

Receiver :

Address :

Name and Signature of Contributor       Name and Signature of Receiver

Date :                                                             Date :

Sample in Khmer Language

Monday, July 19, 2021

I don't understand why they laugh at me

When I present my blog to people I know, they laugh at me.

They say my blog is ugly. They ask where I've got the images. I tell that some I draw, some I take photo. After they hear, they laugh. They say my drawing is bad; they say my photo is not attractive; they tell me to take photo from internet.

I don't understand. Yes, I accept my drawing is not pretty, and my photo is not good as well, but they are my effort. I don't take other's drawing; I don't take other's photo; I do everything on my blog by myself. My effort and my sincerity and my respect - that I don't copy or take other's property - should be praised, but in return, what I've got is looking-down-expression and telling to use property of other.

The way they do to me hurt my feeling so much.

I really don't understand.

People that has known each other for long time should encourage each other, or give comment to improve each other, but.. what are they doing?

They should tell me what way that I can gain better drawing skill. They should tell me tip to take good photo. Or they can tell me where should I make my drawing and photo better.

However, their words don't block me. More they look down on me more I become strong and energetic. I try my own way to make my blog good. I will learn how to produce good image - not very good but at least big better than today.

Thanks for those comments. 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

games I like to play

After working many hours, I need to relax.

I am interested in simple game only. So mostly, I play...


I have played this game many years. Still I am fond of it.

I like to sit alone in the bedroom and lock my face and eyes with the laptop screen.

Spider Solitare

It is my favorite too.

I am playing the advance stage. Well, I don't win all the times; I win some cases.


I never lose. But win every times make me bored.

Mahjong Titans

I have played this for five years, and I love it.

It doesn't need me to think much, just find the matched image cubs, then I will win at the end. Unless, the pairs are above and below each other. If they are remained lastly, then I'll lose.

Cross and Circle

Sometimes, I don't like stay with laptop for it makes my eyes hurt. Hence, I play cross and circle game.

I play alone.. don't need partner.

Um, it is so good, you know, to compete with ourselves.

I feel so anxious to know when I can find winner and loser.. cross or circle?

It is my habit to have game playing alone.

I don't like playing game with people, not only computer game or game on paper, also online game. The game that is needed to  play individual is my favorite and I don't need action game.. I like brain game.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Meaning of color of dress in the dream

Dream can tell what will happen; it is a belief in Cambodia.

Well, I have believed it too.. and I usually try to interpret meaning of my dream. The one that I can notice is related to color of dress that I wear in the dream.

If I dream that I wear white color, it means I am peaceful. My mind will be at ease.

If I dream that I am wearing dark color, it means I will be sad or worried.

Because I wear on my body, so it gives meaning that I will be sad inside.. or I will meet something that make myself unhappy.

The darker color I wear, the big sadness I've got.

If the dress is mixed by dark and white colors, then it means I meet two kinds of feeling at same time. For example, my friend told me she got divorced and she had to raise five kids, I was so sad. However, I was at ease for I ever heard her husband cheated on her, so break-up was best choice for her.

If I dream I dress up in red, it means I will be irritate. There will be some story coming to me and makes me angry.. it is what I have noticed.

Pink is considered as in group of red color too, I think, but it gives different meaning.

It is interpreted that happy moment will come to me if I have a dream that I wear this color on my body.

Also, blue and green are color indicating that I will meet content period or news.

Well, if the yellow or its group colors, such as golden or orange, appears in my dream, I sense that I will have a shame situation. I cannot say exactly what it is, but I know that it makes me feel embarrassed.

Above are related to my own notice.

I don't require you to believe all. Just get it as idea only.

The best right dream interpretation is you must notice yourself.

Friday, July 16, 2021

I am reading these two books

Life is about learning nonstop.

We have to study in everything we do. Even job.

Like nowadays, I am learning to improve my online business. And my teachers are book.

I am reading two books. They are not new, and they are second hand. I found them in one book shop before 2019. I just have chance to read.

Because my online job is related to writing, so I selected this book to advance my writing skill.

Also, it gives me some tips to write quick.

Not difficult, and the points that the writer has indicated are simple and clear. What I like the most is the writer experienced themselves.

I prefer to read personal experience than read instruction writing.

This one is about to attract customers.

Online readers are my customers.

Most of the techniques are about face to face, more than online, but I think it is useful; I can convert the technique to be for online business technique; I just need times to think.

Like I mentioned, I really love to read personal idea/experience, and this book is same as above book; it talks about the experience of the companies that lost their customers then they tried strategies, indicate in the book, to gain them back.

Good source.

Let summary.

Nowadays, I am reading two books to improve my online business. One is related to technique to write quick, and another one is about to gain customer, especially to make lost customer to come back.

The books are old and they are second hand.

And for my point of view, these two books are good source for me to advance my writing online career. 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Sample of lesson plan to teach English for beginner online

This is lesson plan that I have created to teach my students, English grade 1, through zoom.

It it not professional or academic lesson plan. It bases on my real teaching class.

Hope it helps give some idea to you.

Lesson Plan Sample

Topic : English Grade 1

Level : Beginner

Students : Two

Times : 90 minutes


Aims : to know the basic of English daily sentences


Materials :

-      lesson plan

-      zoom

-      picture

-      white board

-      marker



  1. Warm up

-      chit chat with the student

Duration : 5 minutes

  1. Lesson Review

-    share pictures through zoom then ask each student to say the word based on the pictures

For example, show this picture,


and the student will say 'potato'.

-   share picture of missed alphabets in the words then ask them to write in book, after that, take photos of their works and send through telegram

-      correct their works and send back

-      if they do incorrect, ask them to correct and re-send work

Duration : 20 minutes

  1. Chapter One

-      share lesson through zoom

-      read for them to listen

-      ask each student to read

-      ask each student to read then translate

Duration : 20 minutes

  1. Practice

-      share picture of classwork through zoom

-      ask them to write in book and answer the questions

-      after they finish, they need to take photo and send classwork for correcting

-      if they write wrong, ask them to correct and re-send the work

-      write on white board new words or words that they don’t know

-      ask each student to read their classwork

Duration : 40 minutes

  1. Repeat

-      ask each student to read and translate the lesson

Duration : 5 minutes

  1. End Class

-      Give homework

Sample of lesson plan to teach English for beginner

This is sample of lesson plan that I have created according to my English teaching class. It is not professional or academic lesson plan.

Hope it gives idea to people that want to know about how to make the lesson plan.

Lesson Plan Sample

Topic : English Alphabet

Level : Beginner

Students : Two

Times : 90 minutes


Aims : to know first five alphabets


Materials :

-      lesson plan

-      white board

-      marker



  1. Warm up

-      chit chat with the student

-      ask them to write down in books

Duration : 5 minutes

  1. Reading

-      read and ask each student to read following

-      point to each alphabets or words and ask each student to read

-      ask each student to read and translate

-      point to each alphabets or words and ask each student to read and translate

Duration : 20 minutes

  1. Writing

-      ask students to write on their white board

-      correct how they write the alphabet

Duration : 10 minutes

  1. Practice

-      write alphabet on white board and ask each student to say and speak the word, for example, write a student say a then speak apple

-      point to the written alphabets and ask each student to repeat

Duration : 15 minutes

  1. Daily Sentences

-      ask name of the students and write their names

-      ask name of their parents and write their names

-      ask them to write down in books

-      ask them to high light the alphabets, in their names, that they have learnt

-      ask them to high light the alphabets, in their parent’s names, that they have learnt

-      ask them to say the alphabets

Duration : 15 minutes

  1. Play Hangman

-      give letter taps on the white board (words that they have learnt)

-      ask one of them to guess (then go to another student)

-      ask one of them to give letter taps and ask another student to guess, then exchange

-      when they find the word, ask them to read and translate the word

Duration : 25 minutes

  1. End Class

-      Give homework

Sample of cover letter to apply for translator

This is sample of cover letter to apply for translator role, that I have made. It is for people that has work experience.

However, it can be assistance to both experienced and non-experience worker.

But don't forget edit.



Address :

Email :

Phone :







Dear Sir or Madame,

Thanks for an opportunity to apply for translator role at your company. After review your job description, I am certain I have skills to successfully do the job and perform above expectation.

I am highly competence and experiences in writing and translation. I have ability to make the article easy to understand for the readers and keep original meaning. I am also competent in vary and justify the length of the articles. In addition, I am responsible and high commitment to finish task by deadline.

After you scan my resume, I hope you will agree that I am competent candidate you’re looking for. I look forward to join with you to produce good and effective article for your readers.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your faithfully,

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