Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Green plants boost and motivate me

Sometimes, I feel hopeless. Sometimes, I lose my mood. Sometimes, I have no energy.

Life is not always green, right?

When I know that my life is lacking green, then I start to add the green.

I don't have big yard or balcony. Though, I can still grow the plants. Even at my window, I make it to be green.

Snake plant is good in land, right? But I want to try to grow it in water. And yes, I make it. It is growing slower than planting in soil; however, it can grow.

I grow this plant because I have heard it purifies the air.

Nowadays, the environment on the earth is not good. I don't know how to do because I am not scientist, but I want to help some, even a little. So, I decide to grow this snake plant. Hope it can save the air, at least, it purifies the air in my house.

This pansit pansitan is grown to be food. He he he.. I plan to fry it with beef.

Having this plant is able to cut spending. Moreover, it is good diet for me - because I eat much meat in my daily menu. I hope it gives me green including outside and inside my body.

This one is for food as well. I don't know exactly it is called in English. I check and it says it is edible amaranth - sorry, I am not sure it is correct or not.

I have heard it is good for all ages of people. And my sibling loves to eat this, so I grow it.


Growing the green plant becomes my favorite activity. 

I don't go out. I stay at home, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, thirty days a month. It gives me stress, and I cannot have well sleep some nights.

I don't want to spend my energy and eyes with the digital devices much. Besides update website or check some information, I am trying to do something to make my life meaningful, help reducing spending in family, and perhaps help the earth/people. And I have found the gardening is very good choice.

I am not farmer and I am not professional in garden as well. I don't know anything related to gardening. However, I will try and work hard to produce the green both for my life and my house.

If you want to follow up how I make the green from the start, and insane ideas related to house design or decoration, you can view the site yaya idea of mine.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

How to make PDF book to sell online


If you want to earn money, you have to know in mind that it is not easy and you cannot get it for free. Though, you can choose to spend less.

Like I sell PDF book online. I select simple process. I don’t get much, but at least I can earn.

Now, I show you what I do to make money into my pocket.

Scan book

As I mentioned in previous article, I make PDF book from paper book.

Related article : https://www.veryhappypiglet.com/2021/08/how-to-sell-pdf-reading-book-online.html

I scan all, including cover front and back, and pages. Then I make them to PNG files.


I don’t use professional software – because I am low tech person. I choose to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the book.

I build the layout – all my PDF books use same layout and format.

After, I upload the images of scan-book. One slide I put two pages – same as pages of the paper book.

I also place copyrights – name of my online shop – in all slides.

This method cannot protect the file, but at least, I don’t want my file to be copied easily.

Next, I save it to PDF file.

Check and edit

After I got the file, I go through it, page by page, to check and verify if any page is lost.

Password protect

After checking that it is fine, I copy the file. I keep the original PDF file in peace. For the copied file, I put password to allow people to read but cannot print or convert to other type of file.

If you ask me, can this method protect the file?

My answer is like the above.


This is the easy way of mine to sell PDF book.

Well, it is my own experience, base on situation in Cambodia. You can read to take idea, and yes, you have to edit my method following your own current location and situation.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

How to be well off fast from real experienced people

I have hunted for how to get rich fast.

In my opinion, best way is to search from real experience of people. So, I go for anyone that improves life faster - to get how they make it.

Well, I don't meet owner of the story; I met their closed people, they narrated and I took note.

Story A

There was a woman. She married and has five children.

Years ago, her husband lost his business. They lost money, house and they were in debt.

The couple went to hire a small house in suburb of Phnom Penh. They could not go to work - because husband did not have work experience, since he graduated, he did business, and wife did not finish college. The pair decided to start business at their house. They sold papaya salad and grilled chicken. Wife was responsible for cooking, and husband was responsible for serving and delivering. The big kids helped, in their free time from school, to serve guests, do cleaning and washing.

Now, the debt is cleared, and they got their own flat - with two floor.

It is not miracle. It is about working hard and use correct method.

Papaya salad is sold everywhere in Phnom Penh. However, their food becomes popular in short time because they use formula. Not only papaya salad but also sauce to serve with grilled chicken. Their food taste is good and different from others, that's the reason they attract many customers, and yes, they earn money.

Story B

There is a lady. She had no high education.

One day, she went to learn how to make formula for salty crab, then she started her business. Well done, her salty crab was recognized in short time, and now, B can have good living.

Salty crab is not special, but the important concept is the ingredients that B uses.

What does the stories want to tell?

Base on these two case studies, there are two basic points.

First, if you want to do business to earn money fast, you should start food business. Everyone need food; everyone has to eat to live.

Second, if you want your food business to be successful, you have to have your own food formula. The food ingredient is weapon. It makes your food different from other even you are selling same food type.

Well, what I write is about experience of Cambodian. So, please consider and observe your own location before you apply the method.

Furthermore, my article does not promise you to become a rich. My aim is to give idea to make you able to gain a better living.

First step is always hard. And no first step is usually successful.

I have learnt that A and B had failed few times before they make right formula. Hence, don't expect big; however, don't lose hope when you fail. 

Good luck.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Warren Buffett comment motivates me

These few days, I was rethinking.

I ever mentioned that my fictions were republished, and I felt not pleased and agreed to quit the job.

After I announced that I would quit write fictions, I was attacked by messages from my friends. They scolded me and blamed me for being a weaker.

"Just because those pirate websites, you give up your writing? Do you think they will stop pirate yours? What you do, whether non-fiction, news article, photograph, or video, they will steal if they want," my friend said.

"Okay, okay, I will not stop, I will not stop," I responded.

Well, I just said in order to cool down their minds only because the messages were like flood; I promised from mouth, but in my mind, I did not wish to continue.

Until before yesterday, I found an article, by chance, about the millionaire in the world, Mr. Warren Buffet, when he gave speech about life-business lesson.

"In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love."

Then I found another lesson learn from him.

"To be happy, you should work with people you like and do something you enjoy."

His words brings energy to me. I consider myself.

I love writing. I really love it.

I enjoy writing online and I am happy to see my fictions are read.

These two things are enough for me to be happy. Therefore, I must not stop.

Sure, the pirate websites make me upset; though, I cannot stop them, still I can do something to not allow them to steal my effort easily - I can use strategy that I presented in previous article.

After considering, I decide to return to be author of creative story.

Thanks to the online messages that encourage and motivate me, from friends' and Mr. Buffett's.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Sample of cover letter to apply for security guard for no experience person

This is the cover letter that I have created, especially for the person whom has no job experience, and they want to apply for security guard role.

Please don't forget edit.



Address :

Email :

Phone :







Dear Sir or Madame,

I am excited to apply for a role as security guard at your company.

I am very interested in beginning a career in security field. 

I don’t have experience and study associated with this job.

However, I have good physical condition that I can work day or night shift. I pay attention even to single small noise. Furthermore, my background is clean.

I hope my efficiency and strong attitude can help provide a positive experience to your company.

Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Your faithfully, 

Sites and platforms I have used to increase my site traffic

Like other bloggers, I have used many sites to make my blog site reach the readers in the world.

Now, I want to show to you.

There are eight sites.

1. Facebook

Everyone has it and all bloggers use it to promote and increase number of views.

2. Twitter

Same as Facebook. Very popular and very useful to increase our site's view.

3. LinkedIn

I have tried it, and it gives me a very noticeable traffic.

4. Tumblr

I gain less, but at least, I can find new blog readers.

5. Pocket

The number of view I receive is equal to Tumblr. However, I am happy to use it.

6. Instapaper

The platform is similar to Pocket. I am joyful to find this one. I'm still a newbie. Not much view from it.

7. Medium

I play this before Instapaper, but it does not give much impression like Instapaper or Pocket. Though, I love to use it even it gives me very small view.

8. Instagram

I make this one to advertise about my site. I don't feel it has effectiveness, but I want to try longer to see the real result.

There are two video channels that I have used to promote my site.

9. Youtube

Everyone use this site.

10. Dailymotion

It is not popular like Youtube, but I like to play this one as well.

Fiction platforms.. there are five that I have used.

11. Wattpad

The first fiction platform that I put my site into. I don't feel it gives benefit to me for most of readers want to read story, not article.

12. Asianfanfics

It is like Wattpad. The readers don't have interest to view my site. Once in a while, I see one reader from this platform coming to my blog.

13. Inkitt

Another site that I cannot gain reader to view my site.

14. Dreame

I have tried my best. Still, it is zero click from this one.

15. Webnovel

Another platform that there is no data about reader coming to my blog through this source.

At last, this following site is good.

16. Wordpress

It is like blogspot.. though, it gives better result to me more than the fiction platforms.

Okay, I have shown the sites and platforms that I have used to get traffic.

You can read and take as idea.

Success or not is depending on our own luck.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Jolly and at ease loser

photographed by Chakriya PHOU

Few days ago, I have followed up my fictions that have published.

Well, like I ever mentioned in previous article, I can find justice for myself; however, it is very small.

Yes, I am glad, but at same time, I feel exhausted. And at the end, I have to confess that I am a loser.

I am tired to fight in this world; the world has no justice; the world has no fair. I cannot find my future living with my favorite career, writing fiction.

At last, I have to raise white flag; I stop writing fiction.

When I decide like this, I should be unhappy, right, but in contrast, I am joyful, and I am peaceful. I feel released. After working in this field since 2008, I cannot find any development. My life loses many.. time, money and especially health.

I found I lost more than I gain; therefore, when I make decision to leave, I don't have regret.

I am happy now. I am so glad with my decision.

This is only way to end my suffer from fighting with fiction pirate, from hurting waists and back bone, from constipation, from hair falling.

I can live free from worry related to fiction writing.

Thanks for my fan that have loved and supported my fiction. Thanks to pirate websites that indicates brightening way to me.

Hope everyone happy and good luck.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

How to prevent fiction from republising

It is from my own experience.


I have written fiction and published on Webnovel. My works are opened to the readers - no charge.

Recently, by chance, I found a website has taken my fictions without my consent to republish on their site. They mention I am author and where they take my stories from; though, I don't feel happy with them.

I have sent message to them to remove my stories from their website. Till today, I don't see their reply.

I am sad, I am upset, I am angry, I am frightened.

I publish story not only on Webnovel but also other platforms.

I am fear that my stories are republished. I cannot report them, and I don't know how to search whether other sites republish my fictions or not. However, I cannot stay still. I know I cannot stop them, but I will not allow them to gain benefit from my work easily.

I have written both short story and novel. Most of my novels are not finished yet; that website takes all kind of my fiction.

I think and I decide to take action.


I update next chapter to my novel - that is not finished. I apologize my readers and say that I don't update the novel anymore. I explain why I do that. I mention as well that I will not stop writing, but I will update my story once in three or six months.

Moreover, I indicate on web account about my decision.

I apply same to all my stories on other platforms.


After I do this, I have checked the site that took my stories. They have removed three fictions of mine from their site. The three stories are novels that I told I will not finish them.

Happy and sorry feeling

I am glad to see they remove my fictions. Though, they still keep some, but I feel good to see that at least I find justice for myself.

However, at same time, I feel sorry for my real readers. I know some of them are following my novels; they want to see the ending, but they cannot see the end of story forever.

I am really sad to see my real readers suffering.. but I don't know how to solve.. I don't have choice.


Like I told.. I don't stop writing, I just don't update frequently. 

In order to prevent next story to be republished, I decide to write long story. In my speech to readers, I said that I would write short story. At that time, I thought that the websites liked to take novel. After I see they drop my novels, I start to think again. Perhaps novel is best choice, or long or series short stories. The very good prevent tactic is I will never finish it. With this tactic, I believe my story will not be in their list to be republished for they don't want to waste their site's space with unfinished fiction.

I have informed my readers about this issue. I hope they understand my situation. 

Everything in the world has good and bad impact.

This strategy can protect my story but at same time it reduces number of readers. Collection adding is decreased; number of view drops.

I know that it will become like this. However, I cannot return.. because there are many website builders that are waiting to take advantage from me - and from other writers. I don't want to do that, but I really really have no best solution than this. 


I write this article to tell about my experience that has fought alone to protect my creative story. I hope it can be idea to help the writers around the world that have met same problem, especially self-published writer, newbie writer, or/and infamous writer. 

Thanks for reading.

Hope everyone good luck.

How to grow hair on bald forehead

I ever wrote about I used coconut oil to grow my hair. Now, I want to indicate another product that I have used to grow my hair, especially on my forehead.

It is my own experience. I cannot guarantee it works with all people. However, you can try.


I am lady, age about 40 years old. My forehead is not complete bald; it is just wide for my hairs usually fall.

Type of hair

My hair is oil type.


The cream I use is from my friend. She makes it by herself. 

At first, she produced it to give to relatives and friends. But friends think they shouldn't get it for free, so they pay her; I am among the friends as well.

Till today, the creator does not make it as business. She just makes it for fun and sells to relatives and friends only.

How to use

I take a small cream to apply on my forehead. Then I rub the forehead gently - like massage - for one minute.


After that, I cover my head, including forehead, with towel. I keep for twenty minutes before I take shower and shampoo hair.

How often to use

I use the cream once in three weeks.

It is oily product. If it is usually used, it can block the sweat pore. 

And I don't apply much amount.

Effectiveness and conclusion

On my forehead, there are many young hairs growing. Still, I need to take care of them. 

Apply cream cannot help at all. There are many factors that cause forehead and head to be having no hair. So, you have to take many caring steps to protect your head from being bald.

Like I have mentioned above and in previous article. We have different type of hair. I don't say my way is working with all of you. I just showed about the product and the way it works with me.

You can try if you want to know that it works with you or not.

However, don't ask me how to buy the cream if you are out of Cambodia. It is impossible to deliver to you.

Monday, August 16, 2021

How to clean your search history

Most of low tech people don't know that their internet searching can full their device's space. Me too.

When I brought my laptop to technician, they just told me that my Local C was heavy, they said I should clean documents to save space, but they never told me how to do it. What I knew was to delete documents that I did not need to recycle bin, then went to the bin to delete the documents inside.

Until one day, my friend found, then she claimed that I should clean not only the no-need-documents, but also internet search history. And she taught me how to do it.

Since then, I usually clean to save my electronic device.

I bet you don't want to know because you are high-tech person, but there are people that does not know and they are my article's target.

I don't waste your time, let start.

1. Turn off internet connection.

2. Open what you usually use : firefox? chrome? or internet explorer?

3. Go to right, then you see the three lines, click it, then search for 'History'.

4. Click 'History' then you will see like below.

5. Find the word 'Manage History'

Note : The words might change. Though, it cannot be avoided from word 'History', so please try to notice the used-word on your own device.

6. Click 'Manage History' then it will show you this.

7. On left, there are mentioning about months and years. Click month/year, then it shows in right box like in the above picture.

8. Click link on top - just click once then the link will become blue. 

9. Click 'delete' on your keyboard.

Note : Only link in blue can be deleted. This gives you choice. You can run through to see if any link you want to keep. If you want to delete all the links, then you can use method number 10.

10. After you click the top link to be blue, click 'shift', hold it, then you use down-arrow. With this, the blue will run down the below links.

Note : There is showing number of item. Number of item is number of link that you are going to delete. I want to suggest. The number of item should be not more than 300, because if you delete more than this, it will cause error. It does not give harm to your device, just it's stuck for seconds.

11. Remove hand from down-arrow, then press 'delete'. You can delete other remained links by repeating the method. 

Note : After you click top link to be blue, you can ctrl A then press 'delete' but I don't recommend you to do this. Like I mention, it does not make damage to your device, but it makes it stuck, maybe longer than half of minute.

That's all what I want to show.

Hope it can help.

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, August 14, 2021

A tree motivates me


When I heard that my fictions, that have published on website, were republished without my consent, I was angry. 

Shortly later, I calmed down.

At that time, I thought I was fine; I thought I was strong enough.

But after, I saw that I was weak. I cried. I did for two nights.

My friends tried to encourage men; they comforted me. They told me to be away from Internet for a while; they said I should do something to relax.

I decided to look at my photos and videos folders. 

I viewed them, one by one, slowly. There were many, including picture of myself, places that I have been, nature, food, tree etc.

Suddenly, I found few photos about a tree; I remember it was near my house.

When I saw the tree, I felt something.

That tree was special. It was growing along the wall of a house. Its root was not in ground. However, it was alive, just it had no many leaves and it grew slowly.

When I saw it, I had a thought, 'It's root does not touch the land, but it can grow. I am human. My feet touch earth, my face can rise. Just met a small problem, I am hopeless and depressed, how can I survive in this world?'

After thinking, I become fresh. My mind is motivated. I am relaxed.

I don't feel anything anymore related to the stories that have been stolen. They will not halt, I know for sure, they will continue. Not only my stories but also other writers' stories. 

Well, I cannot stop them to take my stories, however, I can reduce. 

I think. I consider. Then I decide to not stop writing, but I will update my story one chapter in six months.

This is how I fight with the story-takers. Like I mention, I cannot end them. They are many, I am alone, and I am low-tech; I cannot win over them. Just I want to find justice for myself. 

I consider myself as a mother and stories are like my kids, so I will try my best to protect my children.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

My fictions are republished without my consent

I just found, recently, that my fictions that I have published on website of novel are republished on another website.

They took my stories without asking permission, without tell. Though, they keep my name as author, still I am not happy.

I have contacted the website of novel, but no response.

I have contacted the owner of republished-website, still no reply.

They make me frustrated. Why do they do that?

I have tried to search for way to prevent or protect my fiction from stealing.

According to experts, they say it is impossible. Not only online fiction, but also paper fiction. We, author, cannot avoid the stealing. The experts state that there is only one way that the author can protect their fiction; it is 'stop writing'.

Well, I think this idea is not bad. And I think they are right. If I stop writing fiction, then my fiction would not be stolen.

Good, I am thinking...

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

How to sell PDF reading book online, real experience

Hello readers,

Today, I'd like to show you how I sell PDF book online during the pandemic.

Don't expect me to gain much money. I get small; however, it is better than nothing.

Okay, I don't waste your time. Please read following.


I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Old Khmer books. Most of them were published before Pol Pot regime. Hence, the writers were passed away.

Tool to sell

I have a facebook page that launched since 2018.

At first, my page was for selling old Khmer book (paper). As the pandemic came, I have changed to sell PDF book.


Most of my customers are young adult. They are old book lover.

They are from Phnom Penh and some from provinces such as Siem Reap and Battambang.


I scan the paper book, then make it to PDF.


All books have same price, USD 1.

I choose this price because I think the customers can afford, and it is easy for me to calculate if they buy more than one book.

Payment method

I set ACLEDA ToanChet for payment because most Cambodian use it.

Sell & buy progress

I save PDF book into images, then I upload cover and some of pages for the customers to view. I put some information such as title, name of author, year of book publish, number of pages.

The customers can view the product. If they are interested, they can comment or inbox me.

I will tell them to pay first. After I get payment, I will send the document.

This is my selling book online progress.

Like other business, we have to be patient. Book is not like food. It is not important. Unless they like reading so much or they will not spend on buying book.

It is the way I can earn from selling PDF book in Cambodia. So, please observe and select your market according to your current location.

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