Thursday, September 30, 2021

Feminine way to promote site traffic

I am woman. I am low tech. I am soft heart.

I usually care much about other.

I don't know how to make my site gain many views like other professional. Even though I read a lot of sources, still I don't understand and don't know how to do to make my site boom.

However, I don't give up; I try to search more and I edit following my own capacity.

SEO professionals say we should create account on different social media; I do.

SEO professionals say we should make friend with people who is playing on that media; I do.

SEO professional say we should make friend with accounts that are famous or popular; well, I don't follow.


From my point of view, the famous account does not need me. They have plenty of friends and followers. I am nothing to them.

I choose to make friend with new account or not famous account. I can feel how they are wanting follower and want to be recognized - because I experienced myself.

When I was a newbie on online, I opened my account hundred time to see if anyone clicked 'like' my post or followed me. I waited and waited days and days - and I felt upset when I saw my account was zero all the times.

I ever tried to present myself on famous accounts. I clicked like their posts, I made comments; however, I did not get any attention.

I was very upset, also I was so angry. 

I told myself, "I don't need famous people to promote me. I can promote myself."

After, I have tried to use what I have and what I know to promote myself until getting at this position like today.

Though, I am not famous and have million followers like other, but I am proud of myself because I can make it without rely on famous accounts.

Because of that experience, I change my idea and my way to LIKE or follow people that has less followers. I can feel they are happy when they see their post get 'Like' or their account get follower. I don't wish them to give LIKE back to me and I don't want them to follow me back. What I really want is to encourage them, to motivate them.

I am glad when I see all accounts I follow remain online. And it will be great if they can go up and become famous. It is not important if they recognize me or sense I help them. It is not necessary; I don't need myself to be noticed.

When we do good, we will receive good.

People that I click LIKE or follow does not pay me LIKE or follow me, but I got support from others.

All posts that I have shared on social media platforms, I don't get any 'like'; and my media accounts have less than ten followers.

However, my site increases view number non-stop and it gives me earning.

If asking me what do I think about this? My answer is heaven helps me. I am paid what I've done, with pure heart, by the heaven, by the universe.

I believe it.

Hence, I continue doing, follow account and LIKE post of people who is wanting.

I ever told people that I have met. They laugh at me. Some of them say this is feminine way; they say my life will not be developed.

"Yes, because I am feminine," I state with smile. "And I am proud of myself to be feminine and use feminine method."

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Types of PDF books sell in Cambodia in 2021

During the pandemic, online business is only kind that can be survived.

Almost stores turn into online store.

Even book writers. They are changing from paper to digital book.

There are five types of PDF book that Cambodian still agrees to buy.

1. Old published book

It's what I am doing.

I sell PDF of content books that were published during 1960 to 1979, and from 1985 to 2000.

They are related to cultural and historical study, general knowledge, and fiction.

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2. Fiction

For new writers, they write fiction more than non-fiction.

Now, Cambodian writers are making their story into PDF to sell. Most of the stories are about romance, ghost, and crime. Some are doing story for adult.

Though it is not well welcomed like printed book, still the readers support because PDF book is cheaper and they do not need to be worried to go out of home.

Price is ranked from USD 4.00 to USD 8.00.

3. Political book

Books that are written/translated related to politic, politic analysis, are favored by male readers. Most of fan age from 30 to 60, and they are men in office.

This type of book is expensive; still it can be sold. Some is higher than USD 20.00.

For Cambodian, this amount is the high price of book.

4. Trade/business book

It is so popular in Cambodia, nowadays. Readers, especially young people, like to read this kind of book. If the title is related to how to earn money fast, how to become successful business fast, then it can be sold quicker than old published book, fiction or even political book.

Price is quite high, around USD 10.00.

5. Self motivation book

Young adults that are studying college and university adore such content.

Actually, they prefer paper than PDF, but still the writers can sell in digital form.

It has good price, from USD 5.00 to USD 8.00.

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Book is not top business. Plus hard current situation, number of readers are decreased. However, some writers and book business can be survived through digital selling.

It does not mean all writers can earn from PDF book, and not all of them produce it.

Successful PDF book selling depends on how famous writers are, how many fan they have. Sometimes, it is relied on price of book. If it is cheap, it can be sold easily.

If you think of selling PDF book, to your direct customers, then you have to search your area's market. 

To be honest, this kind of job does not spend much, but it does not give you much as well.

If you want to try, then do it.

Good luck.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Update 11 platforms I have used to increase site traffic

I would like to update platforms that I have used to increase my site traffic.

Both old and new...

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Pocket
  • Instapaper
  • Pinterest
  • MeWe

MeWe is new platform that I just joined these few days. I don't know how much it helps me, because I'm its newbie.

Above is platform that I share link.

The following is platform I upload video.

  • Youtube
  • Dailymotion
  • Instagram


Okay, I will keep update if I join any platform or I have found any effective way to increase site traffic.

Don't forget follow up my site.

Thank you,

Sample of resign letter from teacher post

This is sample resign letter from teacher post that I have created.

You can use my creation, and please edit following your own situation.

September, 20 2021


Dear Mrs. Smith,

I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as kindergarten teacher of grade 3, at Kid Learning School, effective October, 20 2021.

During my stay, the pupils and administration have given me pleasure and support, but due to health condition, I have to make this decision.

Thank you for giving me opportunity to work in Kid Learning School.

I wish you the best.


Sincerely yours,





Being female blogger being harassed

On earth seems not secure for woman.

I usually read news about women get harassment - including live streamer.

Me too, I've got harassment, but through words.

I have written fiction for adult. My story is not famous, but quite popular. I make note that I write for people to read, and fiction is just a kind of literature only.

Then I've got a comment from male viewer calling me out to spend evening with.

Just saw the comment, I hurriedly fixed. I am low tech; I don't know how to delete comment in fiction platform. I can report, but I think it spends time, and I don't want their comment to be seen by other readers; therefore, I decide to delete my story - then the comment has gone with it.

Recently, I've got another harassed comment again.

It is not on fiction platform; it is on Youtube.

I'm also a vlogger. My channel talk about administration task. Most of my videos are about sample of official letter/request, in Khmer language.

One comment was post, in Khmer, asking me do I have request letter to have sex.

I didn't think much. I logged in my account and deleted the comment.

I feel horrible to receive such treat from those guys. They don't show they are man or woman. I cannot say they are male or female.

Everyday, I feel not secure to live in this world.

I have seen a lot of news about harassment women meet when they go out. So, I decide to stay at home and do self-employment online, still, I am bothered.

It is not good.

Hence, to women around the world.. please be careful. Try to take care of yourself both you are out and in house.

Also, to men.. please give respect to us, women; please protect us and give value to us. Don't harass us both oral or verbal. We are live on same earth. We are sibling.

Sample of cover letter to apply for delivery role for no experience person

This is the cover letter that I have created, especially for the person whom has no job experience, and they want to apply for delivery role.

Please don't forget edit.



Address :

Email :

Phone :







Dear Sir or Madame,

I am excited to apply for a role as delivery driver at your company.

I am very interested in beginning a career in delivery field. 

Though, I don’t have experience associated with this job, but I am sure that I am suitable for this role because I have driving license, clean driving report, good driving skill that can bring goods to reach customers on time without violate driving law and keep the goods in safe, good physical condition that I am able to carry or lift heavy item. Moreover, I am a person who pay attention to detail.

I hope my efficiency and strong attitude can help provide a positive experience to your company.

Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Your faithfully, 

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Sample of cover letter to apply for public relation for no experience person

This is the cover letter that I have created, especially for the person whom has no job experience, and they want to apply for public relation role.

Please don't forget edit.



Address :

Email :

Phone :







Dear Sir or Madame,

I am excited to apply for a public relation at your company.

I'm so interested in beginning a career in public relation field. 

Though, I don’t have experience associated with this job but I believe I’ll make an excellent public relation officer because I have all these qualifications :

- Good communication skill both oral and writing

- Strong inter-personal and solving skill

- Strong patience and time respect

- Ability to write and edit press release before publishing

- Knowledge related to digital content producing and relevant market research

- Knowledge related to office task

- Ability to write report

I hope my efficiency and cheerful attitude can help provide a positive experience to your company and your client.

Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Your faithfully,

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