Friday, February 1, 2019

Job Interview

written by Chakriya PHOU

In a company's room...

Interviewer : Hello, welcome to my company. Please show why I should hire you.
Interviewee : Because I have 3 qualifications.
Interviewer : What are they?
Interviewee : First, I speak honestly. Second, I share all knowledge/information. Third, if I do 
                      something wrong, I will accept my mistake.
Interviewer : Because of these 3 qualifications, I hope you'll find another job.
Interviewee : Why?
Interviewer : You speak honest, it means you are not flexible. You share info, it means you cannot be 
                      my confidant because you would tell other about my story. You accept your mistake if 
                      you do wrong, it means you don't know the art of living. I'm sorry, man. Good luck to 
Interviewee : !!!


  1. What if I want to get a job for the first time after graduation? What do I need to say in this case?

  2. Majkl, You need to prepare well for the interview so that you know what to say in the interview. The author won't tell you anything here, he just told a story from his life, or a fictional story about a job interview ... as he sees it in his own words ...

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