Wednesday, December 15, 2021

How I put copyrights on photo by PowerPoint

My online property such as story, video, image, are experienced stolen by internet users. 

Until today, the problem still occurs.

In my own opinion, even though I cannot stop the stealing, but I don't allow them to steal easily.

I have tried my best to protect my online property.

One day, I found gettyimages; I was interested in the way they put copyrights on their image. I inspire their technique. However, it is not easy because I am low tech, but I never give up and try hard to mark my copyrights - start with the image.

I don't know any program besides Microsoft Office; hence, I find my own way to use it to help me protect my belongings.

The program I use to put copyrights remark on my photo is Microsoft PowerPoint, Window 10.

How to do

I open PowerPoint, then copy my image to paste on slide.

After, I right click and select 'Send to Back' to make image below text box.

I type my name and put copyrights mark - ctrl + alt + c.

Later, I put my website under my name.

I select 'Center your content' because it looks good for me.

I choose my prefer font, size, and color.

Next, I move it to where I want it to be appeared on my image.

It does not look professional and not good at all, but at least, it makes my heart release. 

Like I mentioned, the online users are still able to take it without my consent, but they have to spend strength and time in order to hide my name that is owner of the image. If they are lazy, they put my original copyrights work, then my name and my website will be shown; it is a good kind of marketing.

What I want to show about how I put copyrights on photo is finished. I hope my technique can help low tech people that are doing online career, specially people that are trying to protect their online property.

Thanks for reading.

See you next.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

How I create music for my video

I have video channel. I like my video to be with music, and mostly I use music in youtube library. Even though it is free, but I feel not satisfied.

Music library is available for youtube creators, it means anyone can have same music like I. 

I don't want; I want my video to have unique music. But I don't know how to compose a music, and I don't have money to hire someone to compose for me.

However, I never give up.

I don't know how to compose, I don't have money to hire composer, but I can still make my own music for my video.

True, it is not good like music in library and it is funny - not like professional music. But I love mine. I love the way stupid and funny it is.

How do I create such stupid and funny music?


I use piano, toy of niece, to create music following my feeling.

I ever mentioned I want unique, right? Now, I get the unique like my wish.

Do you hear?

Stupid, correct? Funny, right?

Yes, it is the unique of mine.

And there is one more special thing - only one time, cannot play or compose twice.

People might laugh at me, but I have reason and principle to do like this.

First, I don't have money to spend. Income from youtube and website is very less. I don't want to spend on unnecessary thing or  anything that I am not sure I can get benefit from it back.

Second, I like to do everything from zero. I like so much. It is who I am. Many people say I am stupid; I accept - I am stupid, I am not smart, and I am very slow; though, I love myself for being such foolish. I'm very glad, and it is my paradise when I step on stair from first step, then I go up step by step. I don't run, I walk and I enjoy along the way. I don't know why; I just realize that I love to live in such living.

There are many stupid things that I have created.

Like I said, I love my stupid and I am happy to be a stupid.

(Give a thumb to myself)