Saturday, January 29, 2022

Nature is amazing

Just drop of water on green leaf can make an amazing view.

I don't know how to describe what I am feeling inside; I just know that I am so peaceful to see these pictures. It makes me fresh; it makes my mind calm; it makes my lips smile.

I usually got upset or discourage; when I meet such situation, I go to my balcony garden then try to take picture of my plants. Mostly, I like to take picture after I water it. The water always creates surprised event to my eyes. Sometime on the leaves, sometimes on the soil. It's reason I like to take photography.

My favorite photo scene is related to nature, especially water and tree.

If compare between water and tree, I like to take picture of water, but it is not easy because I live in city; it is unable to find natural water. Only rain. However, I cannot take photo of rain like my mind wishes too - because it's dangerous. Hence, I have to create water on any nature and yes, nothing is best than green.

What I want to tell you is significance of nature. Not only water and tree, but also earth, wind and sun light. All of these things bring peaceful joy into our soul. It heals us from sadness and reduces sufferings that we meet in life; therefore, I suggest everyone to give space to the nature to grow around you, and please take time to stay close with them. I can guarantee that it is very good for your health especially your mental. If you take these into your life, your body will be stay farther from hospital.

Treasure the nature. Please.

Friday, January 28, 2022

11 Photos of shoes

Here I am showing photo collection of shoes. Some are mine, some are my relative's, and some are my friend's.

Please enjoy.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

How I create drawing in PowerPoint

Like you already know that I am low tech. ICT, computer program, Hm.. I don't know. Also design. But I like to have my own drawing though I don't know anything related to design.

I learn adobe illustration, but it is hard; I know little about it.

However, I am good in Microsoft Office, and I use it to help me drawing.

Sure, it is not professional program, but it is very useful for low tech person like me, and I use own way to create pic for my writing.

Let's me show you.

1. Take photography

I don't know how to do hand drawing. So, when I want to create any pic, I imagine what picture I want to put in my article/fiction, then I take photo - by finding similar object to my imagination.

2. Put in PowerPoint

After, I import the photo to PowerPoint. 

I edit by click the pic, then go to 'Format' and choose what I want to change about my photo.

I use 'Correction' to change to be bright or dark.

I use 'Color' to create color that I like.

I use 'Artistic Effects' if I want to make painting - not photography.

3. Change to a drawing

Sometimes, I want a drawing - but I don't know how to draw. Therefore, I have to use brain to think of technique.

Still, I rely on PowerPoint and photography; I just use my own way to achieve what I want.

First, I insert photo to PowerPoint.

Then I click photo one and go to 'Format'. After, I select 'Remove Background' to cut surrounding object - that I don't want. It is not easy; I learnt and tried to figure out about two months how to remove the background or unwanted object. I cannot give detail to you. It is best if you go to experience yourself.


After I got the object, I use same tools like above, 'Correction', 'Color' and 'Artistic Effects'.

4. Save image

After editing already, I save image to PNG or JPG.

Mostly, the size is about 1MB. It is suitable for uploading to website, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. The quality is not good, but acceptable.


In order to get a drawing, I edit and save more than three times to make it look perfect - like what my mind want. Sure, it is not easy like using design program; but I cannot help because I am stupid about technology. I am so slow, but I try hard to learn.

I share this for any low tech person like I and want to produce their own and unique image. 

First time is not easy and you will not get any praise. But keep going; I promise you will be a tortoise - in fable "The Tortoise and the Hare".

My fashion, my dream

During young age, I wanted to be many. Fashion designer is one among them.

However, I know and I accept the truth that I don't have talent in this field, but I never abandon dress making dream.

I don't lose my spirit though I don't know how to draw, I don't know how to sew or cut dress, and I don't have any idea to make cloth. I still strive on making it; I don't make it to be recognized by other people; I just want to do it to prove to myself that I can do it.

I had seen videos showing dress design by using salad or flower. Then I inspired to create my own fashion.

I bought doll - toy for kid - to be my model. Then I searched around house to find thing I could use to produce cloth.

At last, I found few useful things.

Do you know what they were?

They were veils - wedding favors that my parents got when they attended wedding - and sarong - belong to my aunt; it was new.

Like I mentioned above, I did not have fashion creativity, I just followed my imagination, and finally, I've got all of these.

Ha ha ha...


Even though it is not good, but at least, it is my own effort.

I am proud of myself. And I can tell myself that 'I can do it'.

I take photos to be theme of my video slide

I have youtube channel talking about public administration; the video is Khmer language.

My video is using presentation style. I use Microsoft PowerPoint to create slide.

There are channels that use presentation style for their video. Some use same theme to mine. After seeing, I felt I wanted to use different theme.

I tried to figure out how I could get theme that no one did not have. Then I thought about taking photo.

I went around my house and recorded everything that I thought it would be useful for my presentation video. Wall, sky, surface of chair etc. My favorite is foot cleaning mat. I love them because they have suitable color and pattern.

Mostly, I edit it such as correction its color, put artistic effect, or recolor.

I am really happy when I see my theme of presentation is unique. It is a great feeling. With this, I can have identified channel and presentation theme. If someone stole my video, it would be easily to be recognized and I can report to youtube to get justice.

Sometimes, I feel it is a kind of art.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

29 Photos of food I have eaten

Sorry that I cannot tell name of food, because I don't remember all, hence, I decide to post photos only.

They are food that I have eaten before 2021.

Please enjoy viewing.