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When team leader creates bad rumor behind you

Aim It is my experience in the office and it is my personal way to solve the problem as well. I hope the readers take as an idea, then edit due to your own situation.   Matter introduction I passed and got a job as an administrator in an organization. In the administration team, there was a head of the team, team supervisor, a female and two males team members. Head of the team, supervisor, and female colleague were in the room next to the boss's room. Two male colleagues were in the opposite room. When I entered, I was told to sit in the room with the male colleagues. Mostly, the male colleagues did not stay in the room. Their jobs were outside more than in the office. All the time, I stayed alone. It was boring, because there was no work for me. I wondered, and I even asked the female colleague. She said she did not have an idea; she told me to ask the team leader by myself. Then I went to the team leader; he said there was no job yet, if there was any job related to me, he would

First day at office is needed to be careful

  Introduction In this article, I will show my experience and what I have learnt from first days at offices. ‘Workplace’ I mention here, some are different organizations, some are the same organization but different departments.   Aim To indicate the matter that had happened to me, but I don’t mean it happens the same to other people. I just want to give an example to the readers, if they meet the same or similar situation, what they should do. Let's start…   At first workplace My senior asked, “Do you know how to write a meeting report?” I answered frankly, “No, I don’t.” The senior did not say anything, and I did not notice anything. After working for a few weeks, I heard that my senior and some colleagues had talked behind me that I had no competence, I could not even write a report.   At second workplace My senior asked, “Can you write a report?” I stated, “Yes, I can.” Then the senior assigned me to write a meeting report. I remembered the