Friday, May 3, 2019

Traffic Accident QA

written & illustrated by Chakriya PHOU


Teacher : Who causes traffic accidents?

Student : All drivers.

Teacher : Why?

Student : Because they want to help others:
1. They want police to have work to do, they don't want police to get a salary for free.
2. When they get injured, they are sent to hospital and the doctors and nurse, also pharmacy/pharmacist will get income.
3. If their car or motor is broken, they need to bring their vehicle to a repair shop then they will get income.
4. If a car or motor is badly broken, they need to buy a new one and this helps the car or motor sellers to sell their product.
5. If they hit the street block, tree, pavement etc, the construction shop owner will have a chance to sell their product; the construction workers will have work to do; the plant shop will sell their product. All of them will earn money.
6. If they lost their lives in an accident, the family would make a funeral at the pagoda and the monk, the priest, would be offered some money. Also, related stakeholders such as coffin shops, flower and funeral organizing shops etc. would earn profit.

Teacher : Please make a conclusion.

Student : In conclusion, the drivers that cause accidents are kind. Their actions are significant and have great benefit for many people and society. Also, they participate in reducing poverty.


Note : This story is written to be a type of funny creation.

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