Friday, February 21, 2020

Too Late

written by Chakriya PHOU

A mother is giving instruction to her daughter.

Mother : Sweet heart, you are a girl. You have to take care of your body. Don't let anyone touch you. 

Daughter : It's too late, mum. Someone touched me. 

Mother : Tell me. I will go to report. 

Daughter : You cannot report because I am the person who gave permission. Not only touch but also press and squeeze. 

Mother : Tell me now who he is. 

Daughter : It's not ‘he’, it's ‘she’. She is a staff at a massage and spa. I went to her to get a massage. She touched, she pressed and she squeezed my whole body. My body was in pain but after that, it is good. Talking about it, I feel I want to go to her again.

Mother : !!!


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