Friday, February 9, 2024

Pig can't fight if it is stressed

It was a sunny evening. I laid in a wooden lounge in the front yard of my house and enjoyed coconut juice.

The crow flew to perch on a branch in front of my house.

“Hello buddy, how have you been? I’m worried about you,” I said.

“I am always fine,” the crow said. “You should worry about yourself.”


“The wolf is finding a way to get you.”

“Oh,” I said, then I raised up my back from the lounge to drink the coconut juice.

“Look like you don’t worry about anything,” the crow said. “The wolf! Do you know him? The wolf. He is the wolf. He comes to eat you.”

“Ugh, take it easy buddy,” I said after drinking the coconut juice. Next, I laid on my back in the lounge, pulled a black glasses to wear, and put my head on my hands. “I can’t fight with him if I don’t have enough sleep, my stomach is empty and my head and mind is stressed.”

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